Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There are 3 cds worth of genius music here, 2/3 of the 60 songs on these cds are new and unreleased, this is a fucken brilliant collection, get it! Boadwee, I mean you!

The Triple CD compilation GIRL MONSTER Volume 1

Chicks On Speed Records celebrates the re-written history and future of womens creative audio outputs, to further invent and challenge the future of music and push the boundaries of sound and pop around the world!!!

GIRL MONSTER tells a rich historical story, from the original girl monsters of punk and post punk to contemporary tricksters and electro-rock pranksters

Female heroes of the late 70ies and early 80ies like The Slits, The Raincoats or Malaria! appear alongside contemporary classics like Björk, Le Tigre, Peaches or Chicks On Speed. But what sets the compilation apart from all the other compilations around the topic of Women and Music is that it is not just a collection of what everybody knows already, packaged under the misleading slogan of Women in Rock, instead this compilation creates a movement of its own

Download some tracks from Myspace

No Kenickie or Elastica? Mon Dieu!
Corns, why can't I raid your computer for music, huh? RRRRiot girrrls were mentioned on our favorite show to hate...the L WOrd.
thats a riot peeds.

Elastica and Kenickie are HANDS DOWN, THE TWO ALL TIME BEST GIRL BANDS IN THE WORLD EVER, both bands I'd fight for! I can see Kenickie on this cd more then elastica, they went for really left field stuff, still, you'de like this CD anon, I know you're elergic to "riot grl" music but this aint that.
Corns, uh, hullo...you were supposed to say "Peeds, you can steal music from me anytime!"
sorry peeds. I would let you steel my music if it wasn't AGAINST THE LAW. Infact I think I am now obliged to perform a citizens arrest on you for conspiring to illegally download music. That is a copyright infringment which is a federal offence, no small matter my criminally insane friend.
sorry pd I'm so dumb, humor is flatlining this AM. Yes, bring your ipod over and we'll fill 'er up.
This looks excellent
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