Friday, February 23, 2007

A few things we spotted last night at the Armory, Linda Benglis 1969 "fallen Painting". Carol Dunham makes great drawings though we couldn't care less about his painting. Albert Olhen, (click on the collage to see it bigger). What we think is a brilliant new Rachel Harrison although it doesnt look like any kind of Rachel Harrison we've seen before, it was at the Greene Neftali booth. Dr. Laurie Weeks and Greg Bogin hanging out at the Leo Koenig booth in front of a beautiful Wendy White painting and sculpture (!)

this is some good stuffs corny. the ww painting looks super. this post is almost making me want to actually go to the armory. impressive.
it was surprisingly fun, we went fully loaded with wepons (bucket of raw sewage, dirty bombs, a flask and some matches) but didn't need to use any of them.
Wow! I had no desire to go to that show until now. Is Dr. Weeks on display at the booth permanently?? Because between her beautiful face and the W.W....I am really inspired.
By the way, I love that period of Benglis' work.
yes Seamonkee is crucified to the wall for the duration of the fair, here she is pictured having a quick break but she was right back up and bleeding for our sins in no time.

Faye pointed out the Benglis to me, I would of missed it in the slew of art
Did Cheim and Read paint their booth black?? Seems like such a bad idea for the Benglis. But good thing you brought Faye along to be your eyes.

Well, I will pay extra to see Seamonkee.
I guess the black is meant to seperate the space and make it seem like a what, goth museum/fun house?
we are writing this while simutaniously attempting to keep George from exploding into tears. No easy feat my friends!
Awwww George. I wish I could smoosh her now. George should be propped up on a pedestal at the art fair.

I think a goth museum would be worth the $20 ticket.
There will be a waiting list for sure, in which case, Mrs. Cub would be a little annoyed.
congrats to dubz! her work looks amazing.

hi to george. hi george.
George at the Armory in a play pen decorated with the theme of outer-space would be superb!
oops I just reposted that in order to fix many typos/spelling issues.
Dubz's painting looks great flanked by her sculpture, also enjoy its relationship to Greg Bogins wrk on opposite wall
if i do go to the armory i will bring a loaded lady diaper in my pants.
hey cool! thanks corny! i love greg's sculpture & painting... i missed the harrison... don't know how. but i'm excited to see her show tonight...
btw corns, i saw the back of yer head but i didn't have the energy to chase you down. lame but true. i was totally sicksville. BUT NOW I'M FEELIN was the dance party fb & peeds & mm??
dubz, we missed you at the dance party - - but it wasn't really a dance party. more of listening party this time. i also had the plague the last few days but it went away fast. glad you are feeling better.

i will be lurking about tonight in the forest. maybe i will see you?
i'm going to check out greene naftali.. what else looks good? i'm out of the loop.
uh, i'm MORE out of the loop. some friends want to check out those digital art trailers scattered around the forest and i thought i might duck into whatever openings. undercover of the night or something. don't know if i can brave the crowds at greene naftali or the elevator although I totally want to see the show.
i remember first seeing that painting on wendy's blog... it was fun browsing through some of those old posts just now and seeing stuff develop... her work, career, your relationships.

fb - i'm MOST out of the loop!!!!!!!
Wow, dubz and sea monkey together in one picture, how will i ever bear the terrible beauty? it might be the end of me.
martin, loved your post on White Columns! Unrelated but I must vent; I saw Matthew Higgs at the armory and my friends and I were sickened to hear his spiel about the wonders of the mentally disabled artist they had at their booth, yuck.
i too was blown away by carol dunhams ass thank you
thanks corn! actually, i think i'm not through with that...

i read something horrible, plus.
dr weeks shows stunning bravery amidst the stinking garbage and total fucken boosheeat of the raging art marketplace / panopticon. And this just after she was flattened by a truck! I am humbled by your courage and perseverence. plus you hot.
got for it martin, the more I think about that bs the more steamed I gets.

well put DJD
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