Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who doesn't love a bit-o Nordic royal pageantry? Our question is how do the pimples know to emerge when they don their robes? more

i heart #3. #3!!!! what's up with the pepper grinders they're all holding?
Is this an ad for Sur le Table? I am in love with #3 too. I want to date him.
number 3 is a hotentote, as we like to say Sveden.
FB, The peppermills also function as clubs, batons, magic wands and butt plugs, I don't know where they get them, I suspect it's they make them by hand in the castle laboritory/woodshop.
check out the princess, nothing says royalty like an embossed leather jacket from orchard street.
In Turkey when it's time for the little mens to get circumcised they dress them up in little prince outfits much like these, including pepper mill and cape. I think they do more of a crown, though. Then they take them out for ice cream or whatever and parade them around in the street, one last walk while they still can walk, before "the knife." The age range for this seems to be like 5-15.

#1 looks like my cousin, yikes.
is this from before or after "Hex Induction Hour"? it's the Fall, right? i'd recognize Mark E. Smith anywhere.
See you.
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