Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Someone needs to appropraite this french fry cluster for a painting, Someone in the abstract camp. WW, PD, Sillman? Or maybe I'll do it under my nom de plume, Kimba Midore Luxardo.

COrns, these fries are right up my alley--for many reasons.

1. I lika the web of lines.
2. I can almost taste the hot squirt of partially hydrogenated palm oil from the initial bite.
3. I am thinking of taking the french-fry bridge to Ohio.
4. I need some new visuals in my studio.
P.S. Dontcha think Dubz will be interested in fries up the alley?
a web or wad of fries is beautiful thing peeds! There is a painting in the back room of Friedrich Petzel Gallery that reminds me of the fry web iscase you need additional inspiration for your new series of work. Also thinking about the roll ketchup can play.
Yes dubz will be interested in fries "up the alley" and a hot dog or two as well. Thanks for bringing us back to Browntown, I miss it if I'm away for too long.
I will check out that painting. You know I am eating a hot dog as I type...looking into the web of sauerkraut. Don't think I have forgotten the ketchup and mustard war...that will serve as inspiration as well.
we could get really meta here and paint the ketchup-mustard wars with the fries. a video i am thinking. or swordfight with fries but maybe that is too obvious.
I really want the hot dog toaster they sell in SKYMALL Magazing to add to my collection of appliances only used once a year.

Fb, The only thing obvious about that idea is it's obviously brilliant. We need 4 foot long french fries to really make the performance paintings work.
we can nibble the fry ends to create different kind of brush. selective nibbling for the fan brush, chomping to create straight edges, sucking the ends to get a nice rounded tip. extra salt for splatter effects.
have we discussed skymaul yet?
I'm listening to a book on tape in my studio today, its sci-fi story called Altered Carbon where people never really die because you can have your consciousness downloaded into a new body or "sleeve." and keep going. It's kind of cool and nerdy but then there is the STUPIDEST sex stuff. I think this book was writen by a 14 year old boy. Also most annoying is the narrator switches voices and reads female caracters in a stupid high pitched fake female voice! Argue.
SKYMALL rules! I bought my family presents from Skymall for Hannukah this year, including a robotic shark. Also Skymall has a whole section of fantasy stuff like crystal ball paper weights etc! If anyone had a set of french fry paint brushes it would be SkyMall.
OMG SkyMaul rules, thats great, thanks... I need the Hitler Turning into Wearwolf Nightlight!
hillarious. It would be so refreshing to find that in a seat back pocket. Sigh.
arthur and I have a whole game for airplane rides revolving around skymall. we open pages at random and race to locate the stupidest item - hilarity ensues, sort of. i am particularly fond of the crystal/dragon stuff (of course), the pet accessories (cat trees, carriers), and the foot treatments. there are always a lot of foot wraps, massagers, etc. right?
oh my god. i can't look at the skymaul site here at new beige. trying to keep laughter inside no works. redfaced.
we have a similar game called "If You HAD TO Pick Something On This Page To Buy"...
I forgot you are at new Beige, whats it like? Do you have your own cubical? I want cubical walls around my desk at The Mounds. I wonder where you buy cubicals?
For those of you near Connecticut, a diabetic schnauzer needs a home. Her name is Nikki:
wow, thats cold, giving up your pet of 10 yrs cause she gets sick...
I know, you'd be surprised how many get dumped like that. My dog is diabetic (and epileptic and cushingoid) and I give her two shots of insulin a day, home cook for her, test her blood, pee... and she's blind as a bat, bumps into things- I can't move the furniture around anymore. I'd never give her up, not for anything in the world.

Sorry to detract from the french fry discussion. Please carry on...
(but if you know of anyone, do pass the word : )
Hi Corny, I really love your blog. That latest post was pretty funny. Thanks for doing such an interesting blog!
hey DD, I shouldn't be so judgemental, I'm on the verge of Killing my beloved Foghorn because he is a 2inch walking DESTRUCTOPOD.
Hey N. It's Matt - just saw your note on my blog and I am kinda slow on this stuff - so HI - Hope all's well - Please send my love to Victoria - I'm in La till march then back to NYC for armory then back to berlin - Maybe we will run into eachother in one fo those places?

Seems like MM might be a good handler of the french fry cluster since she likes the tangled things, right?
Ah, good call capt'n, very astute. MM please make it so!
shucks, i missed this post guys. and i really wanted some fries up my alley. is it too late?
dubz, no. i think a decomposing fry may even be easier to handle - the grease congeals and fry becomes more pliable - esp. if we heat um up with a hair dryer.
what i meant is that it is not too late - we saved some fries.
Fries, The old stand by.

Did you know Mcdonalds is testing a new transfat free oil on their frys?
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