Monday, January 15, 2007

The L word has never been worse, still we watch it the way we would be compelled to watch an Olivia Crusise ship keel over and slip under a glimmering caribbean horizon. Last night we found that Jenny now has a light British accent which was confusing but we came to accept it. Bette has begun her new job at CU and is working to "make the art program better then RISD and Yale", we appreciate the effort at realism, but will CU (actually spelled See-You) be able to rise to the occation? Seems all the students and faculty are lesbians behaving badly, encluding Sybil Shepherd's character, Dean Bloat-ox. They've even addressed the “diversity” issue in season 4, providing Kit with a bronze sheen that gives her the appearence of a Native American AND a black lady! Our friend Anne Stevenson has suggested that Shane's hair get a spin off show, we agree and are working on a pitch to Ilene Chaiken that encludes a participitory drinking game (participant will down a Jägerita everytime there is shameless product placement for Apple computers). Most exciting to our L Word study group was the introduction of the real life L Elements (pronounced "Lelements") line of prét a porte featuring the Dana cancer jeans which have pink ribbon stiching, "limited edition, unlimited hope." Right.

Ok Corny,
You are a genius, we knew that, but this is the funniest post ever. My liver gave way, or was it my kidney, I don't know, something over on my right side somewhere split and I don't think it is going to heal. If it were gender appropriate to order la Lelements, I would. I have boundless hope in my trunk.
anon I'm sorry to hear about your liver (and Kidney!) giving way, don't be a hero, get the medical attention your damaged body needs. I think you are confused about the Lelements line, it IS gender appropraite for guys and gals, bolero jackets were originally worn by men afterall.
I'm only watching because kristanna loken is a new character and i'd watch her in anything (obviously!)
I would love to say something hystericle or at least witty but I have no idea what you are talking about.
Hi Corn. I wish I got showtime so I could know what you are talking about. It sounds like fun, a miracle maybe.

It turns out I am semi dead and have lost my brain! Can you believe it?
MM sorry to hear about the semi-death thing. Are you like flesh craving zombie now or is it more of a vampire kind of thing? It sounds like you are more in the zombie camp if you're feeling loss of brain because zombies are notoriously dumb and vampires tend to be extra intelligent. Well, either way, I love you.
Hi Red!
Hey back Corny. or should i say momma c? or big daddy perhaps???
big daddy, I like it, all I need is a pipe and a pair of plaid slippers.
Corns, I am with you on the Smell WOrd. What a load of mullarky. Like Kit goin to the George Dubya Bush Abortion clinic (is her boyfriend Nicole Kidman's as well?). And Cybil SShleppard with her "I've been a lesbian all my life" role. SHane's hair is gonna poke someone's eye out this season--rest assured. And who is the mysterious Poppy? Can we string up Jenny now?
peeds I shouldn't of even brought this topic to the table but as long as we're here, Cybil Shelppard mentioned her roommate in college on the show who in real life was Mrs.Cub's step mom, ok, 'cause I'm thinking Ms. Shleppard is engaging in some method acting, drawing on her real life experiences to portray Dean Bloat-ox
...if you see where I'm going...
ah ha! verrrrry intersting.
Hey! I just caught up and fully appreciate your analysis. You did forget to mention the continuation of Betty theme song torture. HOW is that okay? i though Kit was looking a little Cherokee Princess too. Can i go to the college of lesbianism? where and when will the jeans be available? are they all low cut with distressed points, cut long to wear with heels? I wish they'd get Joan Collins on for some hot, glam elderhostel fun. Now THAT would be entertainment.
Corny, are you trying to kill me? You've outdone yourself this time. My spleen is definitely ulcerated--hurts but worth it--and also, I wanted to mention that this reminds me of that women's college in Penna. that used to be called Beaver College. The Mrs. had a poster that said, "Study abroad at Beaver College."
Also, good luck with "Shane's Hair," or whatever you're calling the show.
you mean Shanes Hair Declassified, a situation comedy will deal with a girls ability to reconnect with her astranged hair that talks back and insults people, former friends think Shane is doing ventriloquism and has gone crazy but her hair can actually talk on its own.
Hi Gay! It's so not ok. Betty is a blight to all that is good about music and the proud history of tee-vee theme songs.
Liiving, loving, licking, sticking...
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