Monday, January 08, 2007

Jump into the worm hole with me and lets travel back to 1987... heres a mural I made in collaboration with a few friends when I was a young buck at It was located in the "Tap Room" our on campus bar. I just found it on Brian Kane's Blog. It's spray paint and stencils, we gassed the hell out of ourselfs making this monster. Good times. See it bigger and better at brian's blog

Hey Brian, if you happen to find your way over here...HI! I couldn't leave a comment on your blog. the other people who worked on it were Alex Dodd Petris, Josh Peirson and Tim Kennedy, also there was another guy... a friend of Tims who was tall and lanky who closely resembled Shaggy from Scoobie-Doo.
I love you man.

just saying,

i remember that mural.
i admired it when i was at RISD-they painted over it right after I graduated in 2002


good job
I recall it too, surprisingly being my memory of those tap room nights are a blur...
Could the tall lanky scooby doo dude be John Biggs (printmaker, went out with Sam)? He fits that description to a t.

ugh, risd. Think I'm getting hives.
John Biggs...yeah. I think thats right!
Hey were we in the same class or there at the same time DA?

You didn't like RISD? man, I have to say I had a blast there.
Providence was so fricken cool back then, pre-mass renovations... living in beautiful apartments on benefit street for like 300 a month... marbel fire place included and hardcore shows at the living room every weekend.
"Iwao Takamoto, the artist who created the mystery-solving Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, among many other indelible cartoon characters, died on Monday in Los Angeles. He was 81."
I was two yrs behind you (I think- you were'88 right?)

Didn't do the living room much, was a rocket girl myself and lived on Halsey street for 150$... then Atwells. It was a spooky city, no? I didn't hate it, just couldn't wait to be done (managed to graduate early : ) and never went back.
That sounds really snotty of me... no, I did have a blast, it was cool and all even if I didn't have a marble fireplace... I had a studio at the chernov brother's blgd for 75 a month! yeah, those were the days.
whats a rocket girl? As in Love and Rockets? That was big back then wunt it?

The chernov brother's blgd was an old whore house no?
The Rocket was a club and the chernov building was still a whore house when I left... that's funny- actually I didn't know that, wouldv'e had more respect for my studio!
Jesus! I remember the mural from many dancing nights... we did not know each other then
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