Thursday, January 18, 2007

Check out baodawee blog today.

with 3 suculant holes!
i sure do have a passion for plumpers!
i wonder what is "free inside".
Passion for plumpers. Funny.

Maybe tubes of moisture are free inside.
or perhaps a little tiny hand job....
Or a tiny little blow job! Oh my god, Gene, we could make some SERIOUS money on this thing, but only if your up to it sweetie...
I guess for a college fund it would be okay....but I draw the line at tiny little ass play.
Great! I'll stop on my way home to buy some Vaseline and will put fliers up around the neighborhood to drum up business. yer the best!
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Better go to Cotsco for the jumbo jar of vaseline. You'll have people lined up for miles.
And Corns, you'll need it for your couvade.
I think we'll need jumbo tub of vaseline for tomorrow night, i'm not sure for what exactly but I'm sure we'll need it for something.
Done. I have a vat and a half for funz tomorrow night. Look out.
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