Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Can you handle the nerdiest blog post of all time? I love a good fountain pen, My brand of choice is the Pelikan Souveran 200m or 400m with a medium or fine gold nib, (pictured above) The body is transparent so you know if it's running low, and most important, they draw easily if kept clean. I've had mine for like 7 years and it's broken in beautifully, meaning the nib wears down at just the right angle to how you hold it. It's easy to get sucked into the world of fountain pens, the ultimate nerd collectable right up there with stamps (unfortunately, I collect those too).
I like the look of these pens but can't justify spending the money.

check out this maki-e, the most expensive pen money can buy at 12,000.00$

It's kind of amazing that in this day and age someone is actually making a disposable fountain pen. Pilot Varsity work great for 1.75$ each and you can get them at most stationary stores. I think you can refill them too if you pull the nib off with a plier.

All I can say is I love the nerds. This post makes me wish I was more high class with my pen choices. Unfortunately I use pilot precise roller ball, extra fine, which I know is very wrong but oh well. Do you need to have a lot of control with the fountain pen? I imagine I would make a mess.

Tell more about your stamps.
MM, One can not mash down the tip of a fountain pen the way one could a roller ball or crayon, you would ruin it. I would suggest this for your brawney hands
I started collecting stamps in 3rd grade. Unfortunately mother of Cub thru out entire stamp collecting when cleaning out bedroom closet when I moved out of the house. However, in the past 10 years I've started buying sheets of the new editions of stamps that come out, there are some really excelent ones like the Noguchie series, the 1980's series, (THERE IS A STAMP FEATURING THE MUSICAL CATS, also a hysterical stamp of two kids in front of a TV playing Space Invaders), the Comic Strip Classic stamps include images of little nemo, nancy and Sluggo, Crazy Kat, also prized is a sheet of triangular stamps that look like remakes of some really old timey stamp. I usually buy two sets, one to keep one to use. Sorry. I'm full of shame.
Thanks for the giant pen recommendation.

Don't feel stamp shame, Corny. It is so cute I think. I only collected girly stickers as a child. I had binders full of them. Puffy, glitter, scratch & sniff...I used to put the scratch & sniffs up to my cat Leon's nose to see what he liked. Leon liked barnyard & bad breath best. He hated lemons.
Stickers are a good thing to collect, very very useful. Our cat would probabley like Barn yard, he'd probabley make what we call "crazy face" and start shaking his ass like a creep.

If anyone has old or broken fountain pens, I'll buy or trade hand jobs, art or money for them.
you guy are cute!

pens. wow. i would ruin those pens and have ink all over the hands/lap/floor. plus i can hardly write anyway. seriously. but i admire these pens. kool. stamps are pretty cool too. i wish we could design a series of norfu*keaster collectible edition stamps - scratch n' sniff stamps.

mm, i was a sticker collector too. particularly the scratchn'sniff variety. that was the big thing for awhile. weird.
Brown Starfucks scratch n sniff stickers would really rock.
Where do you keep your Pen 15?
My PEN15 is usually in my pocket (right side) but sometimes I put it in a wet cup on my desk.
I dip my pen15 in sumi ink and use it like a quill, really helps my penmanship. I mean "penpersonship."
Can anyone say "Uni-Ball?" That is my choice. Actually, I like a good Uni-Ball Vision Elite--fancy in a plastic-y sorta way.
uni-ball. he.

you get a brownstarfucks® pen (writes in brown stink ink®) when you buy a caramel ejaculatte. can't get them in stores.
My Uni-Ball has great vision!
The Brownstarfucks pens definitely have a uni-ball. Sometimes the brown stink ink EXPLODES out of the back of the pen and will slowly drip down your face on to whatever important document is on your desk. it's funny.
That starts out a bit nerdy but it gets informative.
Great I need a good write off. A $12,000 pen would be great.
The maki-e isn't even close to the most expensive pen out there; Mont Blanc made an anniversary edition that went for 6 figures. They only made 3, of course, in solid gold and diamonds...

Pelikans are my favourite pens, although I like the M600 as well as the M200, M250, and M400. Someday, I want to try the M800 and M1000. My favourites of the Pelikans are the demonstrators; they don't just have a transparent sleeve - the whole pen is transparent. I've got one amber, one red, and one green M200, an amber M250 (same as the M200, but with gold nib instead of plated steel) and a blue M600.

For a totally clear pen that isn't too expensive, try the Monteverde Artista - it's not quite as nice as a Pelikan, but I do like mine. My biggest complaint is that it uses a converter instead of a piston fill.
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