Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Be off!' say Winter's snows..." by Victor Hugo

"Be off!" say Winter's snows; "Now it's my turn to sing!" So, startled, quivering, Not daring to oppose

(Our fortitude grows dim in The face of a Quos ego), Away, my songs, must we go Before those virile women!

Rain. We are forced to fly, Everywhere, utterly. End of the comedy. Come, swallows, it's good-bye.

Wind, sleet. The branches sway, Writhing their stunted limbs, And off the white smoke swims Across the heavens' gray.

A pallid yellow lingers Over the chilly dale. My keyhole blows a gale Onto my frozen fingers.

It seems Winter's snows are no longer so bossy now are they! Infact they are all together lacking. It's a shame cause I've got this great winter outfit ready to wear

ROBERT BARNES, A Merry-Go-Round on the Ice

Casper David friedrich, Polar Ice

Glackens, Skating in Central Park

Hendrick Avercamp, Ice scene

Pieter Bruegel the elder,
The Hunters in the Snow

Sir Henery Raeburn Skating

Joe Bergeron, Throne of Winter
Gorgeous post, Corny. Sorry about your outfit. It might work in LA, it's been cold here. But I love the leftward tilt of the compositions, till the hunting scene, which is more centered yet also subtly shifting movement to the right, followed by the very right leaning skater and then that guy and the wolf with the moon. Well played, you got the mad skills and stuff.
I too am blown away by the see-sawing wavy composition of the art progression, my beloved G-man brother. I can't wait to watch The Descent again with you--and you WILL watch it again, me droogie, I was going kerazee with a K reading about it yesterday on the blog.
These are beautiful and really well thought out. Why are you so fucking cool?
Seamonkee I could watch The Descent a thousand times and not get tired of it.I think The Boss of Me sent it back to Netflix but we'll get it back again, mark my words, we'll get it back.
hull-o!!!!! i want a yellow non-corpse bag. when's fun time? when's karaoke time? these are questions i need answered asap.
Dubz is back!!
goddamn it, Corn, I just went to Cool Hunter and saw your winter outfit--how do you do it? How. Do. You. Do. It.

MM--I'm thinking it's time for a writing workshop. What say ye? Not til Feb or so. We can write about smoking. In fact the entire workshop will be Creative Writing About Smoking--Great Smoking Writers Through the Ages We Will Copy Them.
Great idea Seamonkee. Would you please conduct the workshop in a smoking jacket. Will you devote a week on the pipe and show clips of Charles Nelson Reiley for inspiration??
Corns, it seems your outfit would be good for winter break-dancing.
hi!! corny, these pics are making me sad for the snow! i want some snow. i don't want to shovel my roof again but a flurry might be nice.

sir henry raeburn is the best by the way.
Yeah! Hi! Yes, dubz...when is the kereoke? I'll be seeing you guys this weekend I hopes and we'll discuss this issue at length
Let's Karaoke for the wee one this weekend! They say music really calms the fetus. Especially our rendition of "Hopelessly Devoted" Corny.
I went to JCP yesterday, I want to be in that show...a centerfold a la "Cosmopolitan" Burt of the Burt and Loni fame...I also took a liking to the painting at the entrance to the gallery.
Hi Corny! 'scuse the interruption but I just wanted to drop by and let you know *in my Mother's beloved pig latin* the ummm... Astelpay is up on my Ebsiteway (although it's still that crappy digital pic) (I just had this weird to need to run it by you)

anyhow..with that..umm ..I'll leave you with this..speaking of my Mother and Burt Reynolds...she began to 'suspect' I was gay when she found the Burt nekked Cosmo spread left open on my bathroom floor after I'd taken a lengthy 'shower' (you'd think I'd have developed a love of remarkably hairy men..but I didn't)...okay that's it...
But but but... go ahead and pin up your centrerfold, there's a chance Steiner won't notice your addition. Or come to the gallery saturday afternoon at 3:00, were doing a "panel Disscussion" (Re: sitting on the floor drinking beer discussing "the lesbian body" and A.l. Steiners absurd impulses) maybe she'll take a picture of you if you take your clothes off or something.
Barnaby ll'iay ostpay a inklay otay hetay astelpay omorrowtay, hankstay.
My mother began to suspect I was differently abled when she found a tub of turtle wax and a
100pack of cloths pins on the bathroom floor after one of my lenghty baths. Just saying.
Hmmm, interesting use of the clothespin.
uh... what's going on this weekend? something i wasn't invited to obviously. do i smell (still?) ...

well, aside from that, a certain person's birthday is fast approaching, and said person wants to rent a karaoke room with all you fellers. wanna?
OH WAIT!!! the wee one. i get it now!! hooray. me dumz. of course i see you!
Dubz, you do smell (still!) thats precisely why we love you, that and your ability to open beer bottles with certain body parts that will go unnamed.
oh, my clown labia! i can also juggle with them. it is gross.
Great art work.

Hey this is a good blog.

add it to my directory
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