Friday, January 05, 2007

Although his first love will always be dentistry, Foghorn's intrest now lies in building maintaince. The housing unit he supervises has six units, a deck and a large roof area. The former tenants were beer bottles but they've been evicted and well, properly disposed of. Foghorn, or Mr.Roper as we will refer to him for now on, spends his days moving from unit to unit inspecting the interior walls, his area of expertise lies in fixing holes by making them bigger mostly. He is pictured below scrutinizing the underside of the deck for possible repair work.

that's it i've fallen over laughing and am almost dead.
before I die I'd like to know if foghorn has a vacation from his job coming up and if he has his own potato chip to shred?
F.H.Roper is not interested in vacations and is maniacally chewing a potato chip right now. I would describe his eating habits to you in greater detail, but you would become friegtened.
make that frightened
my bus tix are expired and I ain't walking to nyc monana, sux b/c that sounds like so much fun and I have had only 2 beers in like 8 months and so I am due. oh well, maybe next symposium.
If Roper wants that complex to remain upright, make sure he's on hand next week to hand over the protection feed to my chippees. I'm just saying. One beak pecks the other. Strictly business.
3:00 today Jan 6th at John Connelly Fine art at 625 W. 27th St. (btw 11/12th
Aves) ..."a special
warming discussion "Body of a Lesbian Woman", featuring K8 Hardy, Faye Hirsch, A.L. Steiner and Dr. Laurie Weeks, Nicole Eisenman
tweetie, you sound like a tough old bird but the Gambinos got me covered... take it up with them.
Poor little bird, no wonder he's renovating chained up in the refigerator like that....
The Best Is Yet To Come

If I had lived in the year 1007, and had been asked what I looked forward to for my descendants in the next millennium, I might have imagined many wonderful possibilities. But I would not — because I could not — have imagined the music of Mozart, the painting of Rothko, the sonnets of Shakespeare, the novels of Dostoyevsky. . . It means I would have failed to see one of the best reasons of all for being optimistic: which is, the power of human artistic genius to astonish us again and again. I will not make the same mistake twice. So let me say straight out, in 2007 I hope and expect that the best is yet to come: that greater works of art than any the world has ever seen will be created by human beings not far ahead of us — works of presently unimaginable aesthetic and moral force. And, mind you, it will not require genetic modification, computer hybridization, high-tech brain enhancement or whatever — it will simply require that we continue to be the kind of people that we are.
wow. God. yes. thank you anon.
may all your millenia be as beautiful as that thought...
I admire people in the throes of positivity. Please let it infect me like a virus. Love what you wrote.
Good glad you all liked that. Now like I said...How many dealers does it take to spell PostModernism?? -anon.
Not to change the subject and break the smell of poetry and good new year chill but I chanced upon this link and thought I'd share it with all those mothers-to-be out there:
The comments are particulary hilarious...
woah, it's like the PainterNYC of child rearing... yikes
Smells like shit. well i guess this blog and these artists are a waist of my time. Hmmm i thought it would be you who would help me heal the world. Corny, humanity needs help. Needs you artists and your visual-minds-eye labors. Help me Corny your the one. -anon.
is this available for rent? my sublet ends mar 1
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