Monday, November 27, 2006

We've been enjoying reading The Planets by Dava Sobel. last night we learned that diamonds are constantly being created in Jupiters skys, weird hu. Sobel tells us that a proper scale model of the solar system, using a bowling ball for the sun, would represent the 8,000-mile-wide earth with a peppercorn placed 78ft distant from the ball (it's impossible to get a sense of the distance between the planets when you look at pictures like this one). Also on our things to do list, The Hayden Planetarium has an interactive tour of the universe lecture on the first Tuesday of each month called Tuesdays in The Dome. Check out the planeterium schedual here.

Far out Corns. You know I had to make big cut-outs of the planets in High school and I remember Sister Camille yelling at me because I forgot to put rings on all of them. I had to break it to her that only Saturn had a ring--she was not amused. I am sure I got in trouble for knowing my solar system.
I'm sure you were like exsqueez me sister nimrod, hate to break it but the earth actually revolves around the sun...
And I'm sure she pulled the God "I'll be sure and tell God tonight at dinner to put rings around all the planets, missy."
peeds you're lucky. god never came to any of our school dinners.

corny, i love your interplanetary obsession. let me know if you come across any wide angle shots of space junk hurling toward uranus.
I'll keep my eyes open dubz. I know I'm being an uber-nerd but we should all go to a tuesday night star show! FYI, Uranus much like youranus has a rich gassy interior. There are some rocks in there, but mostly gas.
even though there's mostly gas in uranus, it manages to maintain a healthy sheen around the core... i watch it through my telescope. sign me up for the star show.
"wide angle shots of space junk hurling toward uranus."

Man, it's good to be back!
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