Monday, November 06, 2006

Visualize GOD as a gigantic donut like Energy Matrix of Consciousness within which lie nested a series of donut -like matrices of energy ... read more about god and donuts and water conciousness and love portholes here...

read the introduction by the the Divine Mother, overlight the "Council of 12" in charge of HEALING THE LOVEBODY OF HUMANITY AND THE WATERS OF EARTH.

It sounds good right? Why do I feel the need to apologize to you dear gentle readers.
My love porthole is chocolate glazed
This box of donuts reminds me of something
Corny, this is so weirdly coincidental... I just got out of cosmetic surgery; got a hole installed thru my torso & now I look like a Henry Moore sculpture.
Oh Truthsayer, I gotta get up early in the mornin' to handle it.
Truthsayer, you hit the long ball with this one.
Sloths I'm picturing you as a beautiful reclining modernist donut and speaking of weirdly coincidental, did I tell you about the drawing of the giant torso with a hole in it I've been working on? really, I kid ye not.
Capt'n it gives you something to think about when your hanging out on the glass, or the water matrix as The Divine Mother would call it. I wish there was a head shop in Williamsburg which sold mural sized posters of the Oceanic love Portals. Did you checkl out that map?
need your highly respected opinion
you know "Oxycottontail" perchance?
What do you think?
Do tell.
Hey bumps,
I don't know her personally, she seems terribly cool. A rapper party promoter, she is out of my league I'm afraid. I did like that she had Lily Allen on Roxy Radio. Why are you asking about Ms. Cottentail? Are you considering asking her for a bite of her donut?

and for the afterparty for the opening Thursday I am yet to be ready for
Ms. Cottontail was already scheduled and the owner asked I I should cancel her

methinks to have her play

Too loud or too fun?
what's the difference, right?
Loud equals fun.....

so, it's time to make the donuts, I mean, play God, I mean, make the god, I mean, play donuts, I mean...yeah, play donuts...

See you Thursday...
Please bring your oven.
Totally get her if you can she's a hot shit super star
Oven set on high
Water matrix! You cracka me uppa Corny.
I haven't yet found the oceanic love portals but my life is kind of hanging on it if you think about it so I'm gonna go get right back to that website now, which by the way, I love how it's hosted by the PhD/ Expert in Water & Behavior. I love how she totally stole my title.
hi bumpy, cappy, slothy, corns!
i can't believe you didn't consult me on this donut post. i mean, we all know who the expert on holes is. ahem.
I love that too. I love how people are constantly stealing my title; Recreation Specialist and Kegal Machine Technician at Curves Gym and Lycra Center
Hi dubz. I'm sorry. I should of interviewed you for this post because afterall, God is dubz spelled backwards with a couple of different letters
lets do the interview now.

First question: Why the Icing? Isn't it enough to be a god shaped hole?
Corny you are going too deep too fast
answer: the icing is a metaphor for the holy spirit (obviously), which takes the form of a semi-transparent glaze and allowing for easy access to the donut sphincter.
the sphincter is the energy center; a god-shaped "brown town" so to speak. how much am i getting paid for this?
Holyshit, thats a good answer.

I'm talking to my travel agent on the other line about taking a trip on the glaze train straight through the god hole!
Dubz, need I remind you that you actually ARE getting paid to do this interview, unlike myself, this is my volunteer work.
that's right! i also get bi-weekly checks from BrownStarFucks® because I always mention them in my comments! god's donut hole is great dipped in a spicy jizzlatte. CUT! great werk dubz.
OMG, corn, did you listen to the Gary Schwartz thing on the C2C a coupla weeks ago? Cuz I'm talkin' razor's edge and, um, I
that is an AWESOME site
Which show SM? I just looked up schwartz and didn't find anything recent. I don't recall hearing anything about Gods hole but I'll keep looking.
Dubz you whore, I knew there was something fishy (not in a good way) about you and your not so subtle product placement, you're a cheep shill and all this time I thought you really liked a hot frothy pusaccino!
*shaking head*
Oh shit, I need a good donut. Preferably organic, okay? And one not shot outta Dubz'z backyard.
mmm a nice vegan donut. with dried artichoke flakes on top?
would you like a dairy-free spunkaccino with that? I can have one of my studio assistants whip one up and deliver it to you toot-suit.
Do you guys think it would help to bring spirituality back into the holiday season by giving the gift of donuts?
I should stop right?

Dubz, last question; Does a joke get funnier or less funny when you beat it to death, does the joke have an afterlife? Is there a room full of dead jokes in the center of the earth?
all i know is when i see a god hole it makes me randy and festive for the holiday season. but why the f*k is it dark outside? did god roll a chocolate glazed donut in front of the sun?
dead jokes stay on earth and repeat themselves endlessly on SNL as some sort of spiritual torture. peeds, i am shooting out a coconut kruller for you now.
I know this darkness shit is bullshit. I am so unable to deal with the short days. I stopped work at 2:30 because it felt like it was getting dark out and I like to start winding down in the evening (which begins now at 2:30) as is my way.
corns, did you jet home on a magical flying donut? ...or, come to think of it, the Jammy Jar is jam-filled like a jelly donut, which makes me wonder, which flavor of jam? Is there a god-hole in the JJ?
i just involuntarily got into my pajamas and turned down the sheets on my canopy bed. this sucks.
I need a crack-filled donut right about now.
3 more hours of teaching the little fuckers. fuckity fuck fuck.
God, 3 more hours? That is a shame Sloths. Can't you just sit them down in front of a movie, say, New York Stories and let them absorb the art vibe from Nick Nolte?
Yeah, how about the remake of Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke and Gweneth Poultry? That's all about art, man. Did anyone see the so-called art issue of Vanity Fair?? Gaggers! Someone bring me a baker's dozen of artichoke donuts with a double Spunk-achino PLEASE!!
I hate to bring in a negative vibe to this beautiful space but that brown donut looks totally fucked out.
And yet I want to eat it right now. What does that say about me as a person?
OH MY GOD I just took a second look at that one on the right!!!!!

"Clown Pussy of an Alien"
cappers, once again you have caused me to pee in my herringbone trousers.
capt'n! the corpse of slothy is laughing through the rigor mortis... thanks, I needed that, for reals.
Dammit dubz, I thought we were clear about the pee mate.
And as for you, Slothy, I'm glad you made it thru the trials of the takers, even if you are now a corpse.
Wow. That almost looks like a spunkindonut!
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