Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This video gets the ABCN stamp of excellence.

corny this is a very existential follow-up to the power 100 post. i feel reflective. i have entered the void.
I know dubz. I know.
I'm in the void right now, it's oddly
milky in here
I'm coming to the chelsea forest today, will come visit later. Please prep a dozen cream filled donuts to go.
or milk filled, do you have those?
I posted a link to a video, is it not showing up or something?
3D just left a good comment below.
didn't somebody write a play about this?

i don't see the video link. am i dumz? donuts are prepped. i am wearing one on my lapel (not to be confused with a huge breast) that will squirt milk on command. have one of the deskies buzz me when you get here.
btw, madge is coming at 5.30 if you want to time your visit.
yes, abraham2848 she is the genius.
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