Friday, November 10, 2006

MMMMM, warm milky paint!

Turn up the Kaiser Chiefs and then Lilly Allen's cover. Brilliant!
Is that paint Corns?
Are you sure this is not a pic from Vanity Fair's art issue? Maybe Jaqueline Humphries in the studio?
Laurie Langdon shows at Scanwolf Gallery but I hear she might be defecting to Gagosian. This pic is from Playboy, "the art issue"
Oh, so I guess it is paint then. I hope there is a thought-provoking article that goes with it.
corny, I wish you wouldn't give away my painting techniques... now everyone will be stealing my jiz-pour emulsion process! Of course, I in turn borrowed it from Helen Frankenthaler; her (matrilinear) influence on my work has been huge...
MATRILINEAR!!!!!!!! SLOTHS no! I had too many cosmos last night to deal with fancy vocable like this. My head is literally spinning around on my neck bone from matrilinear which is like a slap across the face with a bucket of jizz emultion!
You blew my socks off with that one. Now I've got to find my stupid socks.
Is that Slothy or Laurie Langdon of Gagosian gallery? whats going on around here?
j.humpries in the studio!! snorts, pd
Sorry. I've recovered from "matrilinear".

Sloths can I be your studio assistant?
0I'm expensive but worth it
roit luv, whoy'ncha pip over wit a booket a gesso, then?
sorry, "wif" a booket a gesso...
coverage is spotty with such foamy gesso. might i suggest a thicker jizzle, applied by hand?
I prefer it thick an chunky so i use the new SnotGesso®?
Thats not suposed to be a question.
Hey dubz can I use some of your jizzle to coat Sloths canvases?
I'm the new studio ASSistant, she's paying me $3.50 an hour! I'm like fine with me Ms. Moneybags!
use fake jizzle. she won't know the difference!
A Blog Called Nowhere:

As Nasty As They Wanna Be
That's "Ms. Moneyshot," thank you very much.
Why didn't I take this photo?
This is definitely Utrecht gesso.
Peeds you should try the new goats milk gesso they sell at
Whole Foods (in the refridgerated paint section), it's less phlegmy.
Okay, I'm gonna sue someone for snapping this pic. I NEVER USE UTRECHT GESSO! Nothing but Liquitex for me.
maybe it's wet plaster and she's making a mold of her ass crack, ever think of that?
I'm having JH's ass for Thanksgiving, did I tell you that? With a roux... tasty.
(sorry Dubzy, I know that goes completely against your beliefs... know that her ass was free range & led a happy life, though.)
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