Monday, November 13, 2006

Join ABCN on a stroll through the gallery of 70's car interiors, won't you?

We're driving back to the Upstate Institution as we do every fricken Tuesday where the Jammy Jar gets to commune with nature

the Renault 5 TS appears to be inside an office.
Wow Corns, verry special interiors. The Plymouth Valiant Scamp sounds like someone I dated way back.
Hello, my name is Christa.

I am a volunteer with

You can contact me directly @

I would like to find out how I could get our link posted to your blog.

Here is our mission taken from our website which was founded by Donna Mete' who is an amazing woman that is truly "giving back" to our community:

A Lesbian's Life was founded in June 2006 to provide women with information and entertainment that explores the depth, richness and variations of our many life experiences. With our newly launched website, an upcoming blog and book, we expect to build this portal and begin filming an exciting new TV series. Each effort promises to address real-life issues in the lives of women who have not had the benefit of a voice that reaches far into our community and our world. We are committed to initiating a meaningful dialogue around issues important to all of us, to dispelling myths that exist within and outside of the community and to do away with the limited, stereotypical representations of lesbians that are prevalent today.

We hope to inspire you and to provide an ongoing series of thought-provoking, humorous and compelling opinions.

Some of these topics include gender decisions, parenting, being single, BDSM, love and loss, bisexuality and knowing when to let go...along with dozens of other fascinating subjects. Our Expert's Corner will invite numerous professionals to share their insights and expertise with us on a monthly basis and believe their presence will be of tremendous value. If you're a lesbian writer and would like to contribute a story or opinion, please contact us as well. We hope you will consider sharing your thoughts and visiting us often!

Just Launched...

Montage of Talent:

-Montage of Musical Talent

-Women’s Poetry -Collage of Unforgotten Memories and Moments

-Women artists & photographers

We're excited to open this new section of our website. We will be showcasing music/poetry/art and photography from women around the globe.

If you're interested in letting others know about your talents, please consider participating in this section of our expanding site.

It is open to women who love women, and women who support us.

We hope you'll join us!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best regards,

i love the padded-cell look of the Toronado interior. it's comforting.
Tot, and the Toyota Corolla 1973, it's like uh, someone was asleep on the assembly line and forgot to put a dash board in.
God, what could be more relaxin' than looking at 70's car interiors?
is it just me, or is ABCN getting a bit superficial with this plaid car shit? i wanna see more naked ladies covered in gesso.
and grannies in walkers covered in gesso.
What about Christa? Does anyone here have a montage of talent to share? would they support women as gesso canvasses?
The Quest for Christa T (as in talent)? I actually wrote Christa back about my air drumming abilities. I included a video of me air drumming to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs song "Maps." This video was shot at the Gaylord Rehabilitation Center's break room. Randy is in the background trying to wriggle out of a leather harness.
Dubz you insinuate my blogs superficial one more time and I'll run you over with my Valiant Scamp!

Who is this Christa? I am out of the loop
ok sorry. i was just kidding. please don't run me over in your piece of shit valiant.
Christa is the editor of "A Lesbian's Life" pay attention COrns. SHe needs your help.
Oh THAT Christa! snort, HA. Thats funny...

Dubz you angl'n for a boot in the box?
argh yes please boot me. i'm all sunshiney/dark and weird right now and i need a toe in the groin.
Careful; I once ended up with a galosh stuck in my galonch... I'm going to write a poem about it and submit it to Christa's Collage of Unforgotten Memories and Moments. It really left an impression.
Dubzy, I hope you will join me in submitting to CCUMM; sunshiney/dark and weird is very evocative...
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