Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Japan Issues Tsunami Warning After Quake

Published: November 15, 2006

Filed at 8:25 a.m. ET

TOKYO (AP) -- Five small tsunamis hit northern Japan late Wednesday, estimated at no larger than 16 inches high, Japan's Meteorological Agency said.

A few minutes later, a second wave of 8 inches hit the nearby port city of Kushiro to the southwest, the agency said. More on this riveting story on the tiny tsunamis

slow news day?
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Hi Christa, thanks for the invite to link to your website. TheMontage of talent page is exciting! The lesbian wolfs especially inspiring.
Nude in Belt is stunning! As is Drag King. Corns, you must feel so honored.
I think you should donate a drawing or two. We'll give you the proper credit and a gift certificate to pffft.
I'll do it for a shopping spree at yOni
Oh, stocking stuffers! Thanks for the reminder, corns... what better gift than the Goddess Within? "Potential" is particularly evocative... of a drain-hole in a Guantanamo latrine...
ah.. the mysteries of conception. perhaps it was caused by a big gaping drain hole? i dunno. i need to go hunt in the woods for some twigs now.
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Dubz I've already scavenged the woods for twigs, sorry but there are none left. You'll have to use straws or something.
Would somebody please get that wad of hair out of my hole?
it'll take a shoe horn to pull out that snag. i think she used elmer's glue. good craftswomanship!
Hi drainhole! Can I come in?
thats craftswymminship.
Yeah, I have a feeling it's a clown car of hair in their, I wouldn't get involved in picking it out unless you've got nothing else to do today
or "craftswombynship"
in there... that is. der
I stand corrected, rather I sit on a hand woven rug on the floor corrected.
i'll start picking at the hair clown car while a baby tsunami laps at my feet.
Would anyone like to sit on my rug?
it's like picking a scab, only bigger and with more sticks and glue. where's that shoe horn?
Forget the Shoe horn Dubz, when a big hairy hole (or scab) needs to be picked, I like to use a backhoe. You know, lets not fuck around.
Hi Drippy D!
what happened? did we get the hair thing out? i got so busy i lost track.
Hey dubz, I got the hair ball out and made a baintbrush out of it. I'm painting a giant hairball -with a golden halo, which represents my goals and aspirations. I'm stoked! The hairball is dreaming of a drain to cuddle up to.
that's so sweet corny.
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