Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's dark days for mankind!
Some thugs or thuglettes broke into the Jammy Jar by violently smashing the drivers side window and then preceeded to rifle thru the glove compartment and stole an ipod and our collection of quaters.
Pictured here is Mrs. Cub, feeling the pain.

(oddly the robbery robbers did not steal the 6 foot tall Swatch watch in the back seat!)

So sorry dude, that's a major dang. A major dick blow.
that blows! an ipod! shucks. sorry 'bout that.
Oh that's just mean. I really can't believe it. I am taking up a quarter collection. I'd like a few minutes alone with the chumps who did this.
someone broke into jammy jar? i truly feel violated, as if i've been barebacked by every cast member of
OZ and then double fisted by a large man wearing boxing gloves...this is an outrage. i'm hopping in todd and heading to williamsburg with my tazer...

xo grandmaster b
Suck! I can't believe they hurt the JJ, corny.

PD, I will loan you a sock for them quarters; slicing's too good for 'em.
We got a new window, I like it, I think was getting tired of the old window anyhow.
ugh corns! no! was is just outside your house that this happened? bizarre.

i hope your new window is tinted like the sunset.
it was on a sketchy industraialish block, one block down from us. One less block to park on.
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