Sunday, November 19, 2006

David Scher opened at Pierogi Gallery last night. Fanfrickentastic show! I first came across Davids work in the early 90's when he was doing installations of scattered drawings, paintings and sculptures at Jack Tilton gallery. he began scaling up the paintings a few years ago (the painting shown here is 60"x84") and they just get better and better. The centerpiece is a painting called Practice World It shows a city scape becomming one infinite building like Pieter Bruegel's Tower of Bable. It's elegant and humorous, slightly abject, with pitch perfect color, and a delicate touch that's very much Scher's signature mark. There is something in the manner David paints which reminds me of Maurice Pendergast or Vuillard. The picture is drawn with a wash of a warm grisalle and then details are scumbled back into the picture with a light touch. Practice World is a beautiful painting and I dig the idea David is dealing with "that this “might just be practice for something else or...that through drawing the world one learns the world.” Nice. Congrats David.

click on the images to see them large
this looks great. i'm going to see. it's reallly different from what I remember of his work. interesting. thanks for posting on it. sometimes i miss what is going on at pierogi. shame on me.
ps. i went on a coast-to-coast bender this weekend.
the first work is stunning even in jpeg. Thanks for sharing corns.

FB, were you a jet setting cocktailer this weekend?
yea C2C! I have some catching up to do on my drive up to Bard tomorrow.
hey krixy!
I will have to see these. I am so bad about getting to billyburg galleries. But I like these and want to see the surfaces.
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