Friday, November 24, 2006


here y'go, corns.
Use your nogin as a wrecking ball and break through it.
Thats a nice wrecking ball Sloths, real friendly like. I could use a break from using .
my head as a wall smashing device Thanks.
is this about psychic hymens?
If it is, I can't recommend using your own head to smash through... you can really pull a muscle that way, believe me.
Mental block. Nogin as in ideas.
And here I thought you were stoned...
Actually, things are going swimmingly at the studio as of recently. This brink wall business is about my blog and hitting the proverbial wall.
I fear the end times are nigh. Shit, I just dropped the salmon avocado roll I was eating and it rolled across my desk like a lost tumble weed, picking up bits of erasure and pencil shavings, it's still ok to eat right?
rinse it off with turpentine first.
could be a nice seasoning, but I'll bet shavings tasted better in the old days when pencils were made out of real lead...
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