Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Baby names were the topic of conversation over the weekend. ABCN's very own Selectman Mikey Iveson contributed severly to this list.


New Mexico
Sñotion (named after the new ocean, Sontion Ocean)

This list makes me want to have at least 30 children.
they also work well strung together, par examplé;

Marchioness Eisenman Eisenman
Pylon Von Womelet Eisenman
Whoa, killer list. Can I add a few?




There's always Spendrups for a boy or a girl, its a beer sold cheaply at IKEA.
these are inspired, I think Penalty is HOT.
We also thought about
Doctor and Captain!
What's with the gender specificity? Aren't we past that?

How about:

Carl Andre
Farmer in the dell
Six-toed Sally
Spendrups (mulling-mulling-mulling) nice!
or Sphenedrups

Very suspisious that Ikea serves a beer with the word SPEND in it, not so subtle.
Fortified sounds like one of those Puritan names. "Fortified Be-Courteous" or something.
Arizona became the first state to defeat an amendment to ban same-sex marriage Tuesday, bucking a strong national trend by refusing to change its constitution to define marriage as a one-man, one-woman institution. The measure also would have forbidden civil unions and domestic partnerships.
capt'n, Frienda!
Maroon or Groily would be good for a girl.
For a boy: Scaffold.
Corns, where is the name Rod? Just thought you liked that for a boy. Some Italianate names for your baby:


Wiffia de Tarda (joking of course)
Dory (not Italian, but very good)


Wiffia de Stick
peeds every genius name deserves a baby to hang it on... the mrs. is going to positively kill you! This means 11 more babies

Dubz. Maroon has a nice irish flavor that the mrs will appreciate.


Hi Groily, how was school? Did you get beat up again today? I told you not to get blood on your shirt!
Groily, one more time and I'm calling social services to come pick you up.
Oh great Groily, you soiled your best diaper, straigh to the closet young man!
gbotbaakatakfakb says:


shaniqua (after her mother)
cleo taurus


Tell the Mrs. I'll babysit for some of her delicious cooking. I happen to like Demitrius. Very solid boy name. Hey, if its a girl, what about the name Boi?
Rumsfeld resigns, Woo-hoo! It's a great day!
or boil?
later rhummy
Hi Frienda,
I'm sorry i couldn't play today, i had to go to LA to SCORE OUR KILLER NEW PAD and then drive back down to San Diego to work this evening.
Anyway Frienda, do you and Brenda and Brendan wanna come over for a sleepover?
what an onner to have capt'n and doctor on your list, shucks.)
I don't know what SPEND means in Svedish but its yummy beer Spendrups and is sold at the holiday season where I live, don't know about where you live. Much better than the hot dogs or the meat balls. I can't wait for the holidays to drink Spendrups.
Or Turleen- you can see her at

keep pushing her belly button.
peanut butter.

a baby called nobody.

i also like robotella.
Rubella is much better than robotella...
Whitey--for a boy or a girl
put yourself in the kids shoes at say 14, 15 or 16 in high school and and try to image what their life will be like with a name like yatch, or unisex, or omlet...

I have a 16 year old and I can tell you if you name your kid omlet they might just end up hating you for years on end.

But then again Mr and Mrs Zappa named their kids Dweezel and Moon-unit...
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