Monday, October 09, 2006

We’re missing Mrs. Andry while she is away globe trotting with her band, Chicks on Speed, (we hear her grand tatas made it onto the cover of a newspaper in the Canary Islands), it's quiet at The Mounds without our teenage son. Mrs. Andry’s Theme song is “Dandy" by David Garrick or The Kinks, the song is a perfect fit, no one’s got the fop down like she does what with the fedora and vests and it doesn’t stop there, she is a true esthétique through and through. Unable to find an mp3 of “Dandy” on the interweb we’ll make do with this.

welcome back peeds!
Gaylord, if your out there, did you graffiti your name and a BIG PENIS WITH A TOPHAT into a block of wet cement next to the Union st. entrance to McCracken park?
have you seen that?

Friday hu?
I myself did not scratch that into the Park's corner, but I assure I would have. Perhaps a fan? Or like mind? Only time will tell. Maybe I'll bring my Gaylord as penile dandy costume on friday. ANd then I can perform a Noel Coward monologue. Maybe when he was MC'ing for Marlene Dietrich. But my waist will never be as small as those resplendent rogues in your pics...
Or maybe I'll deliver a W.H. Auden lecture. or the letters between him and Christopher Isherwood...
Oh goodie I'll be Isherwood. Or maybe I'll delight you with my Oscar Wilde and read from De profundis in my peacock feather waist coat.
performance art keraoke is something I can relly get behind.
Can I read Virginia Woolf's treatise on words? Or maybe I'll sing "Near You" or "Boys in the Backroom" by Dietrich. Or maybe I'll perform Andy Warhols's "Sleep".
Peeds, you do not know how I have longed to sing "Boys in the Backroom" at a slutty gay bar.
Corns,I TRULY encourage you to bring De Profundis. I will read from Berlin Stories and then sing a selection from Cabaret.
On a side note, isn't it amazing how the mens look like satyrs in these illustrations?
please...! if the 'oke becomes literary, i will perish right in the middle of "have you never been mellow."
All hail the dandy...
...sigh...I used to be sort of dandyesque, but now I'm the choad in flip flops. My lady is a little worn out on it.
cappy you're no choad.
I'm sure you'd look just Fobulous in a pair of ankle books. Seamonkee showed up here last sunday in a stunning pair of Helmut Lange pants, fitting like veal skin gloves, fitted to a T, talk about yer wags.
That's how she do, Corny, Sea Monkey she likes the nice pant.
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