Monday, October 02, 2006


You have changed my life with your recommendation to check out Coast to Coast radio.

Now gentle readers, if I may ask; are you a psychic vampire? Would you know it if you were? Does Lockheed Martin have secret information about extra terestial presence on earth? Do you trust them when they say the don't? Why doesn't your insurance company pay for past & future life therapy? Are they scared of your health? Who lives inside the Hollow Earth anyhow and is it like New York at all in there?
All of these questions and tons of excellent of content by slightly left of mainstream scientists, astronomers and
physicists. These shows have been BENDING MY MIND. Guests are invited to talk about Big Bang theories, the bizarre world of Quantum Mechanics, Life on Mars, artificial intelligence, the dark side of nanotechnology, consciousness & quantum entanglement and a fantastic show about the intersecion of Science & Spirituality by a physicist with a deep interest in so called "god".
It's six bucks a month to subscribe to the site and you can download hundreds of shows onto your ipod. Seamonkee instructed me to treat it like play time where you can escape the dull confines of this reality and think about THE POSSIBILITIES. Coast to Coast is great to listen to while painting. And driving. And cleaning the house which I don't do much but if i did...

Konichiwa! A moment to get a comment in here. Do you know how to say "your sexy" in Japanese? "seckshee" See how easy it is? (that is the real translation).
I'm crazy about you=anata-ni muchoo na no.
Do you have a condom=kondom motteru?
No? In that case we won't do it=sre-nara, yamemashoh!
And that concludes our lesson on intimate conversation in Japanese. Stay tuned for more.
P.S. This place is a blast! I miss you. Went to Harajuku and saw all the Harajuku girls in their punk / goth school uniform get-ups. FUNNY.
i wonder how you say "take that kruller outta condi's cunt"

corny, please no conflict for wednesday. i wanna show you something i've been practicing.
Welcome to Seamonkey's uniberse! Ain't nobody gonna chain her up in the plastic cage of society...or "reality," a little lie the worker ants tell themselves whilst waltzing in the dance macabre of late capitalism because they can't handle the truth.
Peeds ! Have you seen any Japanese Rastafari kids yet, I'm told thats what the cool kids are into, like dark fake tans and cartoon size giant splifs. You are a good grasshopper Peeds, please bring me many presents.

Dubz I may have to phone my rendition of We Are The World.

Capt'n, Ho maity. goddess, you are hitting the poetery muse right across the gob tonight. Seemonkee, she gives and gives.
we have a clod, or a cold whatev, don't get all technical about spelling with me, we're hitting the sack early. I just watched the second half of that Andy Warhol documentary, Wow. Myth making in action! That guy from Art forum(?) Wayne Fuckenbaum was working my last nerve.
hi corns! Did you know how that this kind of thing, the coast to coast radio thing, is SO FOR ME. So for me. many many thanks. Seamonkee is a shaman.
Your back! Tanks gott. Did your blog have an STD or just a run of the mill virus, Corns? I like that horny german guys' paintings and i will run, not walk to download the splendor that is "quantum entanglement." Or would I be disrupting the past with the intent of that future?
ps- shouldn't you blow it all off tomorrow to buoy your soul with song? Right, Dubz? Thanks for the map, but girl, i could find my way to Winnie's with all my limbs chopped off, eyeballs gouged out and ears sealed with tar.
Hey Corny, I haven't caught up to the second half of the Warhol beatification yet -- the first half literaly put me to sleep. Did you notice that for someone who was so selfconcious about his looks, it seemed that he was always willing to vogue for the omnipresent photographer in every stage of his life?
I hope you won't mind if I plug my party (Corns -- don't think your loyalty has gone unnoticed, I owe you a drink). All o' yous are invited toSpinart at Loreley this Thursday night. Nayland Blake will be helping me out behind the turntables from 9:30 to 10:30, then I'll take over. First 50 people get in free!*

*everyone else has to pay the cover of nothing
yeah, gaylord. corny should be there. you can't do "we are the world" over the fone. it's all about togetherness.
All I have to say is that coast to coast changed my life. For the past 3 years I have been obsessed. I learned lots about science and even about when the ancient Egyptians lived. Plus more so much more. It gets all jammed up in my head. It turned me on to so many books. My greatest achievement in life is to get Corny to listen because now we can talk about it. There IS a way OUT of this IRON MAIDEN we call the reality of the western world! And not in a bullshit new age kind of way! I have a headache. Will expound more later. Or not. What a racket mainstream science is! Money always fucks up the quest for knowledge and curiosity and play and interest in things. Gotta stop talking. I'm stuck in humorless asshole land right now. Thank YOU Corn!
Hey guys, I am streched out horozontally typing with my toe because The Mrs. has me on an extremly short leash tonight the other end of which is tethered to her angry fist which is in the other room were the TV is and where I should be so I got to make this quick, Woks, I listened to the Psychic Vampire show today, laughing my ass off on the drive back to the city but also HOW TRUE! There're REAL.
Adhoc my blog is your blog. Looking forward to Thursday , Nayland, Woo-hoo!
Fb, Hi! hearts and more hearts.
Same to you Dubz plus a karate kick to the nads.
Gaylord, if I come tomorrow I'll just want to sing "We Don't Need Another Hero" accappella style in the key of stuffy/nasal/coughy it'll be brutal. You really don't want that.

Is it ok that i like picturing you rolling towards Winnies without limbs and eyeballs dragging behind with rest of entrails?
that's kool corny. i'm gonna do "let's hear it for the boys" in honor of my kicked nads, courtesy of gaylord. she's ultra competitive.
i also wanna do some journey.
Don't ever stop believing, dubzy, hold on to that feelieeyiiing!
hey, I just got a free $500.00 Gift Card. you can redeem yours at Abercrombie & Fitch All you have to do to get yours is Click Here to get a $500 free gift card for your backtoschool wardrobe
street lights --- peee-eepullaaaauuuahhhhhlllll!!!!
(waving lighter back and forth)
So now I come on you, with open arms
Nothing to hide, believe what I say...

Journey was awesome
Newsflash: HOTMAIL's homepage has this breaking story on top 10 workplace fasion crimes

1. The Crime: Poor-fitting clothing.
2. The Crime: Too much perfume
3. The Crime: Shorts/short skirts.
4. The Crime: Out-of-control hair.
5. The Crime: Dirty, torn jeans.
6. The Crime: Cleavage.
7. The Crime: Tank tops.
8. The Crime: Noisy jewelry.
9. The Crime: Gym attire.
10. The Crime: Extremely high heels.

I can't believe Noisy jewlery made the list! Do these fascistic rules apply to freelancers? should leave my Cockoo Clock broach at home next time I have a studio visit?
Corny, don't EVER leave your cooko clock broach at home, EVER AGAIN.
Shit. I could be put away for years with all the infractions I've incurred. I'm wearing a short skirt and way too much cleavage right now!
Have you guys seen this?
Capt'n I bet some air horn earings would come in handy while surfing for blasting the chodes who cut you off...
OMG adhoc, there are SO MANY infractions on the starship enterprise it's not even funny.
How come doing your hair up into a giant square donut isn't on Hotmail's list?
Sounds to me like you are reasonably dressed for work Adhoc, I think the short skirt rule is for chicks only unless it's pared with poor fitting gym clothes, like clown sneakers then it's ok.
I could just about pull it off if it weren't for the out-of-control hair. Sadly, my hair can't hold it's liquor and starts hitting my coworkers
Your hair is a right bitch which you should consisder cutting off and throwing into the east river. I wouldn't put up with out of control hair for one second Adhoc, you got to show it whos boss. Like me, I plaster my hair down to my skull every morning with a good slathering of heavy beeswax combined with a nice thick coat of Pennzoil (and anti freeze to protect it from the elements) but whatever, it's your life to live how you choose
I want to, Corny, believe me. But every time it goes on an all night bender of gericurl and brill cream, it comes crawling back pleading to get back on top, swearing it will never do it again and that it will change and things will be different from now on. And I always fall for it -- like a chump!
you can't trust hair.
My hair keeps giving me bad stock tips.
My hair talks trash about other people and is always getting me in trouble.
my hair had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. adhoc - krix and i did foreigner. cold as ice.
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