Sunday, October 15, 2006

A SONG FOR FB Stairway to Dollywood

Violence Grows

aw shucks that dolly! she does a beautiful version i must admit. just be thankful that I have yet to torment you all with stairway to heaven. yet. yet.
Corny, A++ on these. You're always spot on with the music. I adore Dolly (hey have you ever heard her song Silver Dagger? it's a beauty. Her orchestration is like whoa.) Also I really like the Violence Grows and now I must check out these Fatal Microbes. Great vocals and guitar sound. Particularly since I had a near-fatal case of the microbes myself in Istanbul. Poor gree c was stuck with me in the apartment all that day. Good times.
I'm just biding my time till the day I can hear FB do Led Zeppelin.
the lady from poltergeist is Emily Greerson from Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"
'Mily what you getting on about?
Fb your threats are my precious moments.

I had a boy friend who was a lift opperator at Killington once for a week in High school, he sang Stairway to Heaven for me all the way thru on our first date
Wow, Corns, a boyfriend? what happened on the second date?
Yup, thats right Gaylord, I'm sorry I should of told you to sit down, it's true, we used to play that way dispite extreame emotional lethargy towards said boyfriend. Do you provide group therepy sessions for tramatic recovered memopries at the Center?
WELL, since we're opening up here, i must admit i once had a boyfriend who played jazz trumpet and used to air-jam to tunes. Totally unbearable. We definitely have a group for this type of core trauma. i have grosser stories, but i save those as opening remarks for the group.
I have a hard time talking to groups so I may have to dance my trama or act it out with my eyes. ok?
wait, do you mean air trumpet? Is that legal?
YES. Air trumpet.
We welcome new expressive forms in any of our support groups at the Center, so feel free to do what comes natural! We recently had someone express joy with their kegel muscle. i guess the mind ain't the only muscle, yvonne rainer.
I'm working on a clogercise routine... I hope your floors are reinforced. Yvonne Rainer is guest hoasting the group?
I can deal with that I guess, she seems kind of smartish.
Um, we'd like to know your approx. age to pinpoint your stage of development when retarded by the "Stairway to Heaven" episode.
Yes, Yvonne Rainer is a new counselor we've hired, so yes, i thikn a dance routine would be the right "move" for your first meeting. Floors are reinforced.
I was 15 going on 40
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