Thursday, October 19, 2006

The radiant glow of cranes on the cargo docks, the quiet hum of the monorail, the local library's subtle nod to International Style architecture, thats right, I'm talking about Miami. We're going for the weekend to stalk MM and hopefully get some photographic evidence of the mythic unclean dreadlock sprouting from her bottom.

Alexander Nevsky was good. There was a great battle scene on a frozen lake with a cast of bazillions which ends with the evil Germans falling thru the ice, we knew they were German because the Germans wore helmets that looked like garbage cans, as opposed to the Russians whose helmets looked like soft serve ice creams. Another noteable scene is where Nevsky is ralling the people to fight and a guy in rags turns to a rich guys and says "you rich people better do as he says or us peasants will break every bone in your body".

The film was commissioned by Stalin as a propaganda piece in 1938 to warn the Soviet people of Nazi aggression. The propaganda aspect of the film is not subtle but you can easily imagin how it worked on the imaginations of the Russian people at that time, it's grand and beautiful and heroic with many surprisingly funny moments of comic relief some intended, most not...
I'll give you $500 if you can bring back the dreadlock in one piece.
I've developed feeling in my dreds akin to the enhanced sensation in my nipple-areola complex.
I hear if you steep the dred in warm water it makes a tea that cures death
Full report expected. Please have a little fun on the beach with MM for me.
YEAH!! have a nice time on the beach and try to erase the stalinist propaganda- I mean, he only killed like 20 mill peeps, so you know, what's a little coersion into continued gulags?
Yes, I do have the smudge. it is cleansing my studio's energy at this time.
Please tell MM that my dog sometimes has an extra dread tail when he eats string, steel wool, grass, etc. If I can help him with his, maybe i can help MM too.
Hey Gay! Is your smudge glowing right now? I woke up with: "would you like to stay awhile and save my life" in my head, by the way.
ha ha ha.
"I don't know what made me say that, I've got this funny sense of humor, i couldn't be downhearted if i tried..."
WHEW. what a freak show to go home with, that Dory. But I guess going home is such a ride.
My smudge IS glowing. I really need to find a big syringe for the next mold today. are you going to "The Studio" too?
first, I must force mister out of the house- he HATES the rain. i just bid on a trenchcoat inspired houndstooth raincoat for him on ebay.
Gay, can I borrow your smudge on Thursday, or friday ? or is it one household per sudger?
20 mil, yeah thats bad. The propaganda Re: the chosus of 400 people sing- shouting MOTHER RUSSIA WILL CRUSH YOU was scary.
i wish i were going to miami. have fun. bring home the dred.
Girl, If you need the Gaylord SWAT team to come over and cleanse the energy planes, just let me know. I've got a really good portable stick with a bit of cedar thrown in for centering. This smudge was not made at the Center,but on women's land in new mexico by a friend who mos def put optimum healing energy into it. It's all about pushing the cleansing smoke out and then pulling it back close. All corners must be covered.
Also the 14 year old girl who discusses picking a husband for his bravery on the battle field, not for his good looks
must of informed countless hook-ups
Yes, can I make an appointment for next friday morning? really?
Thanks FB! You guys can rest assured that whatever is under the peach colored valour blanket will soon be available for your viewing pleasure on Utube.
Tell Mister I have a blanket that my cousin crocheted (sp?) for him. Would you like some homemade coffee?
I have to put in a half day at beige Gay, otherwise we could play some b-ball at "the studio."
Corns, you should see/smell that life-sized smudge stick! It'll take out all the badness in life...
Russians and Germans have an age-old rivalry that is frightening- due to the human fodder factor. Stalin apparently sent approx 1 mill russian soldiers to their death in a one week battle with deutschland during a russian winter. HARSH. you gotta have some good propaganda for that. pioneering propaganda actually.
Sorry to bum yer blog.
the 14 yr old had to try and FIND a man after wwII- apparently there wasn't so much mens. BUT, that's the kind of situation the Gaylord would flourish in.
Next friday? no problem. We'll work it out of your house. For real.
peeds, mister would very much like the hand-crocheted blanket, and would not mind the frayed edges.It's so nice of you to offer. I would like some homemade coffee with honey and CREEEAAAAM. When you sleep, do you have dreeeeaaaammssss?
FYI- peeds and i are deeply into an insane person song by dory previn. WE are not crazy, the song is.
Ha ha ha, I can't shake that song. I have a song for you called "Dory Previn." I need your help in figuring out the lyrics....for reals.
Ok, were outty. Thank you for the history lesson Gay, yes this was propaganda of the highest order, the heroic battle on ice made winter war look almost fun, like a big snow ball figh but with spears followed by cosey campfires.
Can you come up with special payer for the Ouija board I made yesterday? something to keep the bad guys out and the friendly spirits who give stock tips in (just kidding)
hey I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm an art student and I have an assignement to pick a contemporary artist, recreate their studio and make a piece of work in that spaced based on the artist's coneceptual ideas. The only problem is I can't find any information on what your studio looks like, I know this is weird I personally think my teacher is crazy because why would that kind of information be published? Anyway, if you could please tell me anything you feel comfortable sharing, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

oh, my name is molly, I'm a freshmen at The School For the Art Institute of Chicago, and I think you're work is amazing and humerous, it reminds me of artwork my mother used to make.
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