Thursday, October 19, 2006

Parents of the Corn are taking us to see the Eisenstein film ALEXANDER NEVSKY at the New York Philharmonic tonight. The score by Sergei Prokofiev is played along with the movie which tells the story of the Russian people's struggle against the Teutonic Knights. The battle scenes are meant to be spectacular though totally unrealistic and highly stylized, like paintings.
The composer used ferocious percussion to punctuate one of the film's most spectacular scenes: the cracking of the ice on a lake during a battle, sending the Teutonic knights plunging to their deaths in the icy water.

With With
Alexander Nevsky Eisenstein enters a second phase (of developing his theory of montage) in which the individual within the collective dominates the narrative, while vertical montage and pictorial composition replace intellectual montage as the primary formal devices in his films.

The emphasis upon the individual within the collective in Alexander Nevsky can be seen as the maturing of the earlier concept in which the mass is portrayed as hero. Reflecting upon Soviet silent cinema, Eisenstein writes that the films are flawed in that they fail to fully represent the concept of collectivity: "collectivism means the maximum development of the individual within the collective . . .

Check out the film clip here. There are tickets left for this show also you can get tickets for all shows for the NY Philharmonic for 18 bucks with student id, now thru Saturday.

Wowee Corns. This sounds amazing.
Yeah me thinks so too. Cum with.
I am thinking about it. Will check with UF, I am seriously wanting to do this.
It looks like tonights show is sold out except for some rush tickets they hold at the box office. There are tkts for tomorrow night and saturday but you'll be busy having your deep tissue massaged by cabanna boys at the Delano when you don't have your hands full having sex on the beach with moi.
Corny, can I come? I was thinking I'd sit on your lap, or maybe your ma or pa's? I know Mrs. Cub would not let me sit on her lap, so I won't even try. I am actually gonna see The Queen tonight. God, I love Helen Mirren.
MM! Are you ready for some fun this weekend? I wish I could go. I will be there in goofy spirit though.
Helen Mirren I command thee to deliver deep tissue massages to my carbunkle now!
Yes, after Charlotte Rampling gets done with back rub, Helen will take over with a foot massage. Then I have Tilda Swinton coming in for some crainial work.
Maybe Naomi Watts would be willing to take on the carbunkle, considering she can do pretty much anything and make it hott. Not that your carbunkle needs to be "made" hott, it already is, I'm just saying Naomi.
...uh, i wanted to tell you how jealous i am of your exciting evening plans, but now all i can think about is naominaominaomi........
Naomi Watts get thee to carbunkle now!
Peeds you got it figured out. Lets open up a celebrity whore house, we will be the madams and Helen, Charlotte and Naomi will have to do our bidding.

also I think the Mrs. would enjoy having you on her lap...theres just not a lot of room there at the moment.
Okay, I can throw Naomi into the mix. She'll add a much-needed youthfulness (tho I don't mind the oldfulness).
Tell the Mrs. I am coming over after lunch. I don't want any complaints from you, okay?
Fck peeds you know whats mine is yours, just clean up after yourself. I don't mind greasy meat stains but absolutly no poo stains!
Corny, I have to say I went back and re-read your description of Andre Butzer and it cracked me the fuck up all over again. Thanx 4 the good time, I owe ya one.
OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! DAMN!! Early Russian cinema??? I feel exxxcited. My fav russki epic is Andre Rublev though. Please report back, Cornski. HEY! maybe you're related to Eisenstein.
I might be Gaylord, I might be... I do have some russian blood in me.
Review posted bove.
Hey... do you still have that giant smudge stick you made?
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