Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Painting tip: Start your paint session by creating a plasma ball of energy between your hands.

this is wild, I just did it and it worked. Smush it into your head when your done making the ball, it feels cool.
I wrote the previous comment last night after being sleep deprived for 24 hours
no, i could use this corny, but i want to make golden nuggets not art, ok?
or a hot ham n' cheese
I'm told if you practice enough you can definitly made a ham n' cheese instead of a plasma ball. I personally would like my plasma ball to do some errands for me.
Plasma ball just did my laundry, made two soft-cooked eggs and dressed me. WOW! Thank you Plasma Ball!
I woke up with a plasma ball in my underwear this morning... or maybe it was a ham sandwich? It's kind of cute, but I'm afraid to touch it.
I would be very still if I was yopu sloths, plasma balls are not toys.
Chil'rens, I'm so happy the tuff New Yorkers are embracing the egg of light. Check it out with kitty friend, they are the true masters of the plasma.
sorry but scientology does not allow me to believe in plasma balls. again, sorry.
Dubz, you'll belive in Plasma balls after I cram my finely tuned plasma ball up your back door.
thank you corny, now i also believe in anal fissures.
Dubz, i'm SURE corns would use a little crisco. Corns is a class act after all. You'd just have to breath into it and RELAX. It's kinda like yoga, I hear.
Corns, do you need some cleansing tomorrow? I've prepared an incantation and have my smudge in hand.
Yes, I'm thinking in the morning... can you do that? I'll email you
I am sitting on a plasma ball now and I am feeling way more productive. Don't be afraid Dubz. Corny is an old plasma pro.
Yup it's true, my good friends call me Cap'n Plasmatica, my utility belt holds a tub of crisco rope and a CB radio.
and towles
or towels

and anticeptic wipes
or towels

and anticeptic wipes
Dubz... you should start the relaxation therapy now to prepare for later...
i've been relaxing my colon for two hours. plus i went to my flexion/distraction appointment, which creates movement in hard-to-reach areas. i am ready.
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