Friday, October 06, 2006

News Flash from Nerdville USA, check it, micro-photography teaches us that shrimps have square eyes and sapphire substrates look like a mountain man painting. The 20 Best Micro-Photographs on Earth

actually it's the Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana plant looks more like a MM painting.
i'd like to see what a donut hole looks like close up, but i don't think technology is there yet. SOMEDAY...
Expeditions to the hole have resulted in loss of life, we're just not there yet dubz.
shit, i can't wait for science to catch up. i'm gonna buy a d-hole scanner in the trekkie auction and win the nobel prize myself. when people see what's goin on in the hole they're gonna FREAK OUT!! there's a world of brown we can't even begin to comprehend.
Corny, Many thanks for your appearance. Hope you are feeling well. I'm wearing my Vulcan ears today and I am doing my best Nimoy. I have science of the brain and my hair is all disheveled.
That spiny-headed mat rush is giving me the feelings I don't necessarily want. But thank you Dr. Corn for your good work, you have given the world yet another gem. I am quite confident your research funding will be doubled in the next fiscal year.
No Dubz, the d-hole scanner hasn't been proven safe. Dark matter isn't a picnic in the park my friend! The last rouge-scientist-of-the-brown who tried to go in deep got pulled apart, atom by atom, by the insane gravity inside the hole.
Thank you capt'n funding has been a problem. we are trying to build a submarine on a quantum scale to explore the hole but it's not easy what with my clumsey hands.
there is a star trck convention in NJ in November. Do we need to go?
nevermind, I didn't ask that.
These Spock gloves make it hard to type and the Old Man's beard is itchy. Still, my experiment will be finished by the end of the day.
These Spock gloves make it hard to type and the Old Man's beard is itchy. Still, my experiment will be finished by the end of the day.
Mr. Dubz you should lube up with some fresh Pusjuice® before you begin, it makes it easier to clean off any Agents of The Brown that might stick to your Spock suit.
definately go to the Wurkplaz soon.
i see that mr. dubz is using his robotic redundancy instrument. it is werking terrifically. corny, cappy: wish me luck as i use fresh donut glaze to prep the deep tunnel for my journey. you can't stop progress.
Its these damn rubber Spock gloves. Makes me hit return twice. I need fesh dont glaze for my experiment. Dubz can I use yours?
Scott you need to lay off the Slo-jizz fizzes when opperating heavy equipment like the spock gloves.
OOps its Mr Dubz. Whose Scott? And I need more Jizz to complete my test tube operation.
I went to a Xena convention once...I'd go to one of those.
i'd give my left labia to go to one of those
Hotmail front page story:

Chest hair is back.
back from where? forget it i don't want to know.
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