Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My beautification ritual whose regimen of weaving doo-dads into the hair, eyelash tinting then shaving, facials with French skincare products, tatooing and ouchy piercings is taking up most of the day. We are prepairing for the 2006 "End Your Suffering Through Art Lecture Circut Slap Down!" I'll be delivering a paper on Micro-economics at the Intersection of Art, Cencorship and Terrorism in and around the Boston area. Audiences will be rewarded with question/answer periods that I'm expecting to last all week, so I won't be back till Friday. Do with that as you please.

good luck corny! you look amazing. a little conservative; perfect for boston.
Are you kidding me? Leaving? What? Why I oughta.... Okay Corns, but be back in time to read some Victorian Literature at Karaoke. Also, these piercings are all over your bad self, right? This question will come up in the Q&A session.
Peeds I'm preparing to go into a detailed history of my peircings that have become infected and the response of the medical establishment to my interest in self surgery. My nic name is Sir Lance A-lot.
Did you know that?
Dubz, i like to fit in, im like the human cameleon really.
I like Boston because I feel like they really GET me there, Ya know.
Sir Lance A Lot! That suits you. Will you be demonstrating for the kids? Asking for volunteers? These art students need hands-on methods.
Yes, they will be learning hands on. First I'll be coaching them in Sweedish massage
I love the idea of doing a demonstration.
I have it on good authority that when Gelitin lectures they end up sticking stuff like each others fists in each others asses (on stage)
I gtg, see ya friday... someone email me the deets!
wow, darth vader discovered the grateful dead. this is how i feel when i walk around the freedom trail in boston.
I wonder who will sit next to her on the Amtrak...report please.
Hey corns, if you have time, you should go to Alix pearlstein's opening at the List Center at MIT. I love her work. I was just wishing i could go to boston. it's so great there...i LOVE irish inspired pubs, larry byrd, polo shirts, crew cuts, etc.
the best things about boston are "don't look back" and "long time"... which incidentally WILL be sung on friday... by SOMEONE.... or else.
don't mean to be pushy.
PUSH PUSH IN DA BUSH, dubz. That always works.
"More thana feeling" all the way.
How bout "Rock n Roll Band?" or dare I say...."Amanda?"
can't do amanda. rock n roll band is ok.
I hope you aren't looking to gte laid with that look....

The Mrs.
I like your new look Corn, but the white scarf is a bit conservative. Maybe plaid?
Can you imagine looking down and seeing that all up in your bizness? I mean, no offense, I'm just saying.
Wanna party?
No thanks, my favorite show is on tonight.
too irreversible?
Dear Corny,

Here we are at LightBox. Wish I could see your lecture. Also, trying to find your email address to send you an invite for our next show, George Stoll. U like Boadwee? We like Boadwee too... Get back to me soon with your info!

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