Saturday, October 14, 2006

A musical tribute to the Cat Show which is today and tomorrow at MSG. We're thinking if we see any of these were getting one.

Do you think Rough Trade will have that in stock? That's the best track I've heard this week! Brilliant! xo
Keith!!! Dude, wheres my care package, I'm desperate.
we saw Ricky Gervais wandering around the cat show. Cat people are insane, many owners who show their cats like to dress in cat print clothing also there was much cat face painting going on.
also turns out Ocicats are expensive.
i love those cat shows. i got to hold a sphinx when i went years ago. love.
last year there were kids wearing garbage bags and leg warmers performing songs from the musical CATS.
Evolve... Cat shows perpetuate animal slavery, exploitation and cruelty. Go to animal shelter and adopt unwanted animal. There are thousands there waiting to be murdered.
Ante, I know you are right, I will try harder not to enjoy these kind of exploitation, promise.
Your blog, she be intense.
Corny, I understand... but nonetheless,in my opinion, the blogs, vlogs are the best and the only interesting thing that has happened in "art" since the portapak, that is in the last 35+ years, if you know what i mean. BTW, is it true that Bruce Nauman is a hunter-murderer-scum?

PS I have been enjoying your blog. It has been bookmarked. We happen to have a mutual friend.
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