Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Impossible to Justify

Mrs. Impossible to Justify is a monoprint
with collage
and Mr. Impossible is just happy to see you~
yeah, he's a real nob.
She's kinda hot.
These give me feelin's in my placey place that I'm not 100% sure of.
Why is Mrs. so damned compelling?
i like the mr.'s wanker and coin slot.
he's modeled after the pony/flying saucer(?) ride outside Pak Punjab on 2nd and 2nd.
I'll send him over if you want to give it a whirl dubz, but I'm telling you now, you breaky you buyie
Capt'n, she's only compelling because of the far away look in her eyes. Next time your in a conversation try letting your eyes slowly drift up to the right, you will be instantly compelling to the person your talking to. They'll wonder what deep sad thoughts are distracting you. Mrs.Cub and I toy with opening up an acting school ALL THE TIME.
Is ABCN the Jerry Lewis telethon these days, thank you for just keeping on giving, coast to coast and then the mr. and mrs.
acting classes yes if there is a finding emotions thru rebirthing weekend in the woods at the end
"Loosest Slots in Vegas"
Gree C, If I had a volcanic pool of rage churning just beneath my drunk, bloated and totally bullshit surface demeanor I'd be jerry lewis, people have said stuff like this to me.

Capt'n are you talk'n to me?
jerrys just doing it for the kids and when you're doing that a volcanic pool of rage and totally bullshit demeanor are essential as well as a giant volcanic pool of seminal fluid apparently these days
I was just commenting on the generosity of ABCN just when you think you can't get anymore then the absolute splendor of the Mr. and Mrs.
definitely corny (top pic) and boadwee (bottom pic). rumour has it that keith boadwee (a.k.a. GBOTBAAKATAFKAKB) will be calling his show "hey, i'm friend's with nicole "corny girl" eisenman. she likes my shit, you should like my shit too."

thats a fantastic title for keiths show, not too long and awkward at all.
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