Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hats off to André Butzer:

Chaotic figurative clambakes with hopped up space aliens, potatos, smiling skull slabs, flow charts, jumbles of wires and white gloves that hint at a German disneyland.

WOw Corns, these are amazing!!!! I wanna see them for reals.
I know, they make me happy, I've never seen them in the reals either.
he's showing at Patrick Painter in LA but from my little google search it looks like he hasn't shown in NY. Theres alot more of his work on Artnet.

Ah to smoosh....
i need the one on the lower left - for my back pocket so i have it handee when i'm feeling low. these are kind of the most retarded paintings. excellent. i want to see them.

corns - loved your interview too from the post below.
Good shmears. Jeers in the morning.
I like that he signed the bottom left one. Painters should do that more often, fyi.
I like these! cant wait to see the Peter Saul show at Loe "Opa" Koenig's this Fryday
God I know Gaylord, I'm so into the signatures. I used to sign my paintings, my full name in script, I guess I stopped cause it's retarded?
They are so bad yet excelent. He's channeling his inner brain damage patient.
I'm sorry, I'm writting in non sequiturs. I'm over stimulated from this mornings shopping trip to Lowes.
It is worth aspiring to, channeling the brain damage patient inside all of us. Something tells me you need a bucket for this also. I love the wide eyes.
What did you buy? Cummerbunds? What do they sell there?
Honk! Peter Saul is going to kick out a hot show. But I have to admit sometimes I wish he smushed like he did in the 60's, thoses oldies are some of my favorite all time paintings.
I bought a stick that gets really hot frogs, if you want to know more yopu'll have to come over here
I am on my way. Will you cook me? Is that part 2 of the 3 part plan?
Shoot, I missed the interview on the last post. Will do that during lunch...something to look forward to. Also, I will have to shell out some clams and buy Art in America just for your feature. The things I do for love.
And yes frogs, you are psychic as ever this morning, I did get a new cumberbund (turquoise paisley design) with a handy loop for carring 'round my sledge hammer.
I've been really into SMASHING stuff lately
The article on Corny is great. Corny is a dazzler.
One thing that deserves smashing is identity.
Frogs. The plan is complicated. It is a byzantine Gordian knot of a plan, it involves smashing and cooking, thats all I can say right now. Hint: if you read the Davinci Code backwards you might begin to get what I'm dealing with here.
YEAH!!!! FUCK IDENTITY!!! It doesn't exist it's the biggest hoax of them all!!!
I'm more into IdenTITTY these days
Frogs I'm in a smash em' up mood and yer egging me on into a frenzy. I need supervision
I am into the smash plan. I am all over it. I am thinking of dental titties.
dental titties, you mean soft caps that go on teeth and make chewing stuff an orgasmic happening? I like it Frogs.
I put my identity in a tote bag for you to smash it up. DO you want it?
you have a lot of good ideas
Soft caps are made of gel, I put them on my teeth and they look like mammaries. They don't cut but they feel great on my tongue.
Yeah!! I want it. First I'll leave totebag in a locker in Penn Station for two months. then I'll SMASH !!!
POW Mtherfcker!
I need to see this corny AIA interview! Also, can i just say how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE those early peter saul paintings. LOVEEEEEEEEEE. masterpieces.
frogs, there is a sale on cumberbunds tomorrow at the associated supermarket. earlybird special. you have to get there before 8. do-able.
mmmm mammery gel caps, sounds nice with tapioca
I've had the cumberbund from The Associated, it's a bit on the dry side but if thats the way you like it.... I'm not here to judge
Tapioca is my astro sign. Thanks for the tip on cummerbunds, FB, you are my source for discount accessories.
I smell like corn flakes.
when I lived upstate i took a night time adult school class in printmaking at Bard (isn't that gay) but Peter Saul was in the class which saved it from being totally gay. I should of stole his etching plate.
That sounds like fun. Did you also copy from his work? Did he curl his arm over his plate to prevent cheating while he worked it over? I want to take a math class with you Corny. Is that gay too?
Thats weird that you smell like Corn Flakes. Are you using Summers Eve Fresh Kuntry Breakfast Scent®?
A MATH CLASS !!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We'll have to get the guy who taught my Geometery in High school. He would erase the blackboard with his hand and then secreatly rub his crotch under his desk but you could see the chalk all over his trousers when he got up.
I am all over the IdenTITTIES right about now. Thanks for the mammaries.
My crotch got erased just like chalk on a blackboard. But believe me there is still a certain sexiness on my back. PD, may I still be allowed to own your mammaries? This is confusing. Sorry.
The elimination ceremony begins in 10 minutes. Who will get a breast tied to their neck, that is the sign that you are still in the running to become the next top model.
I am really feeling you.
Is it inappropriate to be so covered in cellulite and pimples, also ridden with swarthy Ashkenazi hairs at the beach? Just asking.
You can get back to me later.
Oh great, you had to go bring up the beach. I was just having a nice relaxing mammory flossing sesh ( i get tarter build up around the nipple area when they are leaky- Sorry, it that "too much information"? )

I think it will be ok Frogs. They have cabanna boys on the beaches in Miami who's job it is to slice the extra rolls of flesh off people like us with large sabers.
also they have vats of boiling oil that you do a quick dunk in to remove hair and pimples, it's like a hot tub only burnier.
Burnier. This sounds good. I am unsightly, I need the burns to remove the outer manifestations of inner traumas.
The elimination ceremony begins in 10 minutes. Who will get a breast tied to their neck, that is the sign that you are still in the running to become the next top model.
yeah, I hear ya. My inner trama manifests in the form of ass carbunkles. Have I described those to you in detail yet?
I hope the Mrs. can do the hot oil treatment, It would suck to want to cook baby Hamlet in Utero.
That wasn't a freudian slip. I'm spazzatronic
That wasn't a freudian slip. I'm spazzatronic
I got to go be making a Ouji board now.
Frogs, you know you have dibbs on my 36cs.
Your 36cs are all over town. Keep em to yourself.
someone send me a pizza please
Mee too, with beer.
Yeah! Buckes of beer. And the saint pauly girl. She can do
mani/peti while I snarff down the za.
How choady is that.
I will send you a beer. This morning a client was in the studio classroom drinking from a liter bottle of Grolsch. These are my people.

Miss YOU peeps!
must fly Codside now... ta!
ta, za! Reminds me of Land of the Lost.
dibbs on my 36cs
how about dubz on your 36cs? that's what i'm talkin about.
sloths! Hi! I had a client a couple of years ago who drank vodka all day and night and slept on a bath mat on her studio floor.
It's a nice day for the Cape, lucky dog. Roll down a dune for me.
Oh Dubz.

Land of the lost. Mmmm.
I'd like to go rafting down a river and end up in a land where all the things I ever lost are there. And there's no dinosaurs but there is a lot of beer and tittys.
Okay Dubz, I got plenty of room for you AND Frogs. Just need to coordinate a schedule.
Dubz would be there... you could be my next cave neighbor.
Now you're talkin Corns. You are really on today--making me wish for anything and everything but Uggs over here yammering about her law school applications...Pizza and a warm bossom on a raft to nowhere...NOW!!!!! Please.
I just printed a t-shirt that says

"Dubz on my 36Cs"
peeds you like leona helmsley, the queen of accommodation. Maybe I can just assist Dubz and Frogs by giving them legs up.
Any way they get to me...I'll take 'em. I will be sure to give you your couvade for it.
Sigh. I can't stop sighing. Uggs is so dead. God, of course she want to be a LAWYER!!! A duh-hay-now.
If I was god I would make one day a year when everyone could kill whoever they want but then it would all go back to normal the next day except the dead people would come back with clumps of hair missing, skin desease, and other bad stuff.
Ha, ha. Uggs with bald patches. That sounds about right. She will most likely die all over again upon looking in the mirror.
can we come see Uggs in her natural habitat some day? Color me interested.
Color me so in love and smelling still like the corn flake but interested in:

1. beer
2. titties, all sizes
3. number 6
4. ass play
5. tumors on jesus

I am so in love with you all.
I really like these weird images. Corny, hats off to your recent article and interview. I just want to hear you talk all day and night.
I really like these weird images. Corny, hats off to your recent article and interview. I just want to hear you talk all day and night.
Ahhh, yes, it's like coming home, here at ABCN
Gay, come see Uggs real soon. Maybe you wanna take the kids on a field trip?
Yes, peeds, maybe she could give us a tour of the break room supplies. Do you vend there? Let me know, we'll bring quarters in case the dollar changer is broken.
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