Sunday, October 29, 2006

A bird loves a tube: photo essay in four parts.

O.M.G. could his lil' haid be ANY CUTER? I'm dying over here.
Better alert the authorities over at cute overload....
I know he could totally be on Cute Overload. He's been obsessed with the tube (he is slowly going to ingest the whole thing) for a week now however this morning I gave him a GrapeNutz box to keep him company when I'm at the refinery, hes enjoying having the tube IN the box. I swear he's the smartest little featherball, curious about everything.
Has anyone seen the "art" issue of W magazine with the Kate Moening photo shoot by Richard Prince? SO Ridykeulous!
Foggy's gotta stop throwing that tube on on the floor. I am tired of picking it up!
how bout a little friend for him?
Pd, I always think he's like a dog but he's not really cause he always makes me do the fetching!
he's counts Cy the cat, me and the tube as his closest friends
Next time I'm gonna bring one of those industrial size packing tubes to him and place it on his cage.
OMG he would literally go out of his mind, his feathers would twirl much in the mannor of sloth when she gets excited... It might be too much for that little guy.
Well it will teach him a lesson, that's for sure. But I wouldn't want to give him a heart attack...
That would suck. He lives on the virge of death every day, the mrs. is always threatening to strangle him.

Goddamn! It's dark out, noooooooooooooo!
CUTE!!!! i want to snuggle a little bird.
foggy's feathers are the most beautiful sherbet colors. looks great with his black eyes. i may copy this look.
we're considering colored contacts
PS. if you need help with the black eyes...
congrats on your show martin.
= )
I know Foggy loves you and Cy and the tube the best, but I gotta say, I had the best sex of my life the other weekend when I babysat. I pasted a quaker oats logo over my Area, and that industrious little fella just took it from there.
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