Saturday, October 07, 2006

might start off a question; riddle me this Batman, why is New York such a majorly SUCK ASS music town? There is not one single record store left in NY that has an import section where a fan of britpop can find the goods. It really chafes my hide, first HMV shuts down which was bad enough but Virgin was the LAST PLACE in NY that had a British import section (please correct me if I'm wrong) and they had to go and replace my favorite 20x20 foot piece of real estate in the city with a HIPHOP section!!! Are you KIDDING me?! Outrage, scandal and outrage! Don't even talk to me about Radio in New York City, if you can't pick up WFMU, your chances of hearing anything other then London Bridge would be like livin' in Slimsville. Nothing against Fergie, I gotta admit I like that song...

That's a total dick blow Corn, I'm sorry. I know how you feel.
yeah, dick blow alright. Hope your having a "swell" Sunday capt'n.
corny, have you been to princeton record exchange? THE BEST... and WFMU is one of our main reasons for living in J.C.... anytime you want to take a drive let me know.
ok, to be honest, our main reason for living here is POVERTY... 2nd reason is WFMU. fool's paradise, radio thrift shop w/laura cantrell... good stuffs.
Poverty is a great reason to live in jersey but so is fmu. Do you mind moving your stuff out of the way so I can move into your studio? I need good radio. I used to love working to the mixed up sounds of fmu when I lived in Chinatown.

I haven't been to the princeton record exchange, I'll have my people look into it.
Corns, Dubz! Sleep is evading me. Help. I'ma missing WFMU myself. I used to get it in Billyburg when I lived there ten yrs. ago. Maybe I can rent some space from you Dubz?
Dubz, I love princeton record exchange. Maybe we could load pd into a car and make her browse records with her jetlag.
OR, we can just sing selections of what we want ON FRIDAY THE 13th WHILE KARAOKING. I'M-A be ALL kinds of rested up for that.
PD, GO TO SLEEP, for christ sake!! Will someone give her a doll? It 's for her own good. You HAVE to be better by Friday.
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