Monday, September 11, 2006

We went to some openings Saturday night, including my new favorite artist Sterling Ruby (the guy who made the "garden painting" I posted a few weeks back), Hernan Bas at Sandroni Rey (ruh-row) and excelent shows at Blum & Poe, Kim Light's new space as well as Susanne Vielmetter Projects. I'm whipped from traveling and need to prep for my monsters tomorrow so will be back to discuss LA on Wednesday.

curious to know why sterling ruby?
cuz of this
right corny?
isn't that why?
Dear Corny,
So sorry we missed you this weekend. There's been a mad SW swell in lately and Team Shredder's fave break has been lighting up in a magnificent way. The only thing short of perfect was that we didn't have you out there with us. But next time, ok? Promise?
Is one seriously delusional and being laughed at by the entire world? Does one have any chance of success? Does one just need help?
i don't understand.
Sharpe, one has started a new semester and is overwhelmed and downright frightened everyday. However, one loves what one is doing and has nice looking, grounded professors to learn fromandthat makes one happy. onedoesn'twant money butone reallywants purpose
How old is Leo Castelli these days?
one dropped one course and one is not going to do anything stupid
one is sick to ones stomach
one feels like one should just...
one is completely paranoid a
one thinks that ones stepfather would like to see one die soon, so one doesn't say anything mean about one after he passes
o no
elise,ontheestate is that who?
I am downright frightened everyday too, spice of life my friend, if you love what your doing you have a purpose, do what you love as best you can. I love you.
rentboy, I love SR's humor. He makes work like Alex from A Clockwork Orange is Donald Judd's studio assistant. also interested right now in painting as sculpture, SR is good at thinking of painting as an object. many more reasons. The 3d work is stronger then the 2d stuff..
Welcome home Corns! Now I am going to have to squish you.
rentboy! Boris rocks!!
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