Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thanks KeithBoadweeOfThebloodArm for turning us on to The Feeling . Most of this CD is brilliant, at least 4 songs are crappitycrap. Whats up with that? Why not just release a shorter CD? As an import, it wasn't inexpensive and for only 7 good songs I'm not sure it's worth the 25 bucks, but you can download songs from their website and their MySpace page. It's not for everyone but if you like Robbie Williams, or Jellyfish, you'll like The Feeling. Boadwee blog also compairs them to 10cc, Queen and Supertramp. Listen to Sewn and Fill My Little World on MySpace. Sewn is a GREAT song.

hi, nice song. he has a good voice for today, the rain and fall-ness out there.
This rainy day mush is lame-o. We've picked 3 movies we're going to see today. Yup, a triple feature.
corny, gooooood music pics at boadwe blog today, check 'em out. also you should be checking out LES INCOMPETENTS (who have recently broken up) and vincent vinent and the villains. xo kb. p.s. thanks for the shout out.
thanks, I'm on it.
keith can you burn me a copy of The stuff on your list?
Mornin Corns! I am sorry I missed this post yesterday. I yanked myself away from the computer to slosh around in Ernesto and go to the shack.
I remember hearing this with you on the way to Camp Runamok. I liked a lot of it, but as you say, some clunkers on that album.
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