Friday, September 15, 2006

I've found the perfect typeset for the novelization of my life, a 7oo page epic tone poem,
working title:

Why are you Looking at Me Like That?: Portrait of an Exhausting Life in 782 Parts, Each Part A little Browner Then the Part Before

Maybe some people don't think it's so great to use the same word 3 times in the title of a book, and maybe some editors at certain New York publishing houses can't "roll" with my use of words as a chisle with which I am carving meaning out of nothingness, because (and I know I don't HAVE TO explain this to you, my gentle and comprehending readers) what IS life if not the epitome of repetitiveness and maybe my manuscript has been wrongfully discarded before it's even been looked at, obviously certain simpeltons don't comprehend this calibur of wordsmanship, but i'm saying NO thank you to your literary regulations, I do not write with a straight-jacket on!

I feel you, my soul brotherman. We're like two brothers, one soul. And I mean that, from the bottom of my brown star. Don't let those editors put you in a plastic cage, society already tries to do that every day, and you know why the caged bird sings.
I love it! I would like to represent you, Corns. Together, we'll make great literature together.
I applaud your darker browns corn.
browner = better. many fear a true, deep brown cuz they've never been all the way downtown. corny, chisel us down, show us the star of brown and the labia of clown.
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Free your mind and the rest will follow, brave Corny! Forget the rough and dumb readers! we're here, and we want what your givin'. We are the brown clowns.
morning cornstar.
morning Dubz. Wait, it's not morning anymore. I'm eggshausted.
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