Friday, September 01, 2006

It's time ABCN introduces to you some of the playas at Leo Koenig inc. For starters there is Eric Parker, great painter, great wife, great hair.

Eric and Brooke got drunk with us and Artist Michel Carluccio and her guy John Benson last night, it was good to hang out with them and discuss this whole crazy how to deal with having a kid thing. They are all roll models for us and we discussed parenting issues like making out with your kids and weather or not it would be ok to post pictures of the kids genitals, is it ok to name a girl Hamlet? etc.
Thanks guys that was fun, ya'll rule.

New song of the week posted! This is a great song that appears on the massive Girl Group box set
sounds like you had some intense disgustions.
i think the girly version of hamlet is hamlette. it gives a kid stage presence right off the bat.
way off the bat
yup, especially if you pronounce it HOM-LET. that's classier.
Hwom-leet is the way we'de like to pronounce it.

or a silent H as in
Or Hym-let, at least while she's a virgin.
hey corny,

Thanks!! Remember dyke vs. fag? Its gotta be done.....
Yay for the girrrrls is what I say.
Dyke VS Fag is Mr. Parkers brilliant idea for a summer show taking off on the Drunk Vs Stoner show at Gavin Brown last year. I think it's got legs, very hairy legs.
We should have a sword fighters at the opening!
And a raw bar!
Uh, wait a minute. Making out with your kids?? CORNY! Behave yourself.
OOTP, are you feeling a little fragile this morning?
I'm not going to make any promises OOTP but i'll do my best not to make out with the baby.
Yes, I am not quite as perverted this morning as I should be. I need more coffee.
Hi Corny. It's ok to make out with your kids, that's what I heard.
OOTP, please assume you usual level of perv.
Dubz hi. Make things gross. Please?
Do we need to recommit to our collective goal?
•More Disgusting Blog Posts for the Fall
Yes I need to re-commit. Right now I re-commit to grosserness. Good thinking Corns. Focus.
Corny, may I please make out with the Mrs., Hamlet, you, Cy and Foghorn?
Thanks for the delightful evening...always so warm and special at the mounds. When you've got your face all up in the baby's mouth-careful, you can snort the spit up and the vomited breast milk with burn the nostrils. REALLY
hi corns! morning to you. or afternoon, iguess.

how about pee vs. poo, after dyke vs. fag. we can start a whole series.
i love that box set! it comes it a hat box, it's often on rotation in my crazy cat lady crib.
pee vs. poo - too much of a toss-up; they're both so great.
Mc Hamncheese, thank you for "bringing it" I've been feeling tres delicato today and didn't pull my weight around here at all concerning the goal of *grosserness*

FB! hi! I like it. At one point there was discussion of doing a show called Mod vs Rocker. Pee ve Poo is GREAT! I'm so Poo, I understand Poo philosophically, Pee is harder, maybe not as much gravitas.

Audrey R! I want to get that box set but it's a commitment at 65 smackeroonios, I think I'll steel it from you.
Dubz, they are both so great. I'd want to be something of a mixture something soft and semi-liquid.Can I still be in the show if I can't pick a side?
corny, we'll burn the whole box set for you when you come west.
from PaintersNYC blog

Doug said...

It's more important to have sexual feelings and romantic longings than to have an idea. That's what Clemente may be trying to tell us.

Goddess- i love the new presence of Doug and Chuck on Painters NYC, these two gents might just pull that blog out of the swirling muddy vortex of toiletude
corny: diarrhea.
Hi. I am eating cake, wishing I had my blogger pals with me. I LOVE those guys Chucky and Doug. So smart.
cornhocks. corn chowder. cornichon. corn pudding!
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