Friday, September 29, 2006

I began earlier this month introducing some of the artists who show at leo Koenig gallery, Lets continue with:

A lo
oK at Torben Giehler.

The latest Giehler paintings I've seen are gorgeous techno landscapes, they're huge and overwhelm the senses.
Rendered on a computer and painted with acrylic, they are dazzling when viewed from about 10 feet back however it is important to look at them carefully up close. He tapes off the edges and smooths the paint on with a knife, shapes slightly overlap, squares of color act like hundreds of tiny tectonic plates that cause miniscule ridges of paint to rise up when they bump up next to eachother. The picture of the mountain becomes the flatlands from which they rise.

Toben is a serious Biker. He entered a 5 day race through the Alps this past summer. Looking at the snapshots of the race from his flicker page, it strikes me that these paintings are informed not only by the by dramatic Swiss landscape but also the brightly colored spectacle that is a bike race. His latest work
Gotthard Pass (pictured above right), describes what might be a route from this race. The paintings are hard edge and look like a virtual reality field that grew out of Tron but they are also very personal paintings that reflect a place and an activity close to the artists heart.

Rock on Torben.

the new one on the flicker looks great.
Thanks for posting this, corns! I've always dug his work. Crazyquilt landscapes that allude to the digital age but remain rooted in the human experience and the history of painting. lurve.
god, those photos on his flickr site are mindblowing.
Yeah the flicker sitew is cool, makes me want to go to Switzerland, hey dubz lets put yer Winnebago on a boat and drive it around the alps!
yup, right on Sloths, thats totally it. Amazing thing about painting is the more you investigate a (good) work the richer it becomes... layers of an onion my friend.
Fine by me. Lets all go to Switzerland with the motorhome.
Cool Mr. Dubz. I'm in. We can tie down the tent I'll pitch on the roof and off we go. How's it drive on Glaciers?
Dubz and I climbed Mt. Horn in South Dakota in it. It could probably drive vertically if needed. Except for loosing our brakes when we came down, it was awesome. I want to go to the Swiss Alps and try it. Whose with me?
bike races are great to cusion crashing motor homes
oops it was Montanna not SD. And it was Big Horn Mtn. Luckily there were'nt any bikers at the bottom or unluckily. The cuhion technique would've worked.
I wonder how many times Torben has been run over by motor homes on his bike. Would explain the psychedelic colors.
Paintings are cool, but I'm content with his name alone! Sounds like "Turbo Geyser" or "Taur Ben Killer." Rad!

Also, dangerously close to "Tor Ben Tamy."
SO with you on the name 3d.
yeah, torben sounds like something you do to somebody. like, "i'll torben your ass."
Sounds like a medical procedure,
"I'm sorry to inform you Mame, but we'll have to Torben that carbuncle."
Hey Torben, if you happen to read this, this is the most intelectual conversation ever to take place on this blog, just so you know.
Thats right, the we are expeirencing a bonanza of chemical reactions known as "thinking". It feels so weird. I better stop. Ouchy.
my head feels all tickly-like...
This painting should be titled Escape to Mt. Tickelton
interesting you have so much fun with my first name...well i am glad my parents didnt go with the usual german names like manfred or gerhard, but for me my last name is pretty entertaining in the US. most people pronoune it "geiler" which in german means when i used to go to the immigration office to fight for a green card, you sit there for hours and then some stiff officer calls your name: GEILER TORBEN that just makes your day.......
Could also be titled, "Morning Wood in Grandma's Quilt - Embarrassing."
Thank you for putting that image in my head 3d, your so ON today, a real inspiration. Now,
wheres the plasticine?

Horny Torben, thats an awesome translation but I'm not sure how wise it was to post that. I get a lot of goverment officials on this site and they're going to be mad your taking the piss out of them. They are a sensitive bunch these goverment officials.
I love torben. no bessofens kein bilder.!!!!
Ja ist dieses große Arbeit. Torben ist ein aufrecht stehender Maler
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