Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy New Year, well not for that sick woman in the bed, but for everyone else...

On this day long ago, God created the world and so we celebrate the anniversary of this important event.
Mrs.Cub and I had apples with honey, matzoh balls, brisket and kugal at Mama and Pappa Corn's house in the burbs last night. Some regret was expressed for not raising my brothers and I to be more Jewish but besides that emotional crampon it was a wonderful dinner.

Gut Yontiff, Cornele!
Next year in Jerusalem...
Happy New Year Corny and Capt'n! You know kugle is one of my favorite dishes? Really. I like it for breakfast with coffe. But I haven't had it in years.
I am looking at my mound of pre-trip laundry I gotta do...Fuji-san is what it looks like.
I've got some Kugle for you peeds...
good health and triple happiness to you too capt'n
mmmm. I hope it's sweet and not savory...but I'll take whatever i can get.
hApPy NeW yEaR! i'm gonna listen to leonard cohen and paul simon to celebrate. too bad michael mcdonald isn't jewish. he'd sound so smooth right now.
is kugal krispy?
ooh, michael mcdonald. smooth but rough around the egdes.

happy new years corns and ms cub!!!

Peeds, I can't believe you are going to be leaving us for a while (tears).
Gotta love Pop-corn's guilt rearing it's head yet again. Live and let live, no??!?
zach, Zack, Zac or Zhou Zhou, you should a been there, certain wifes of certain step-grandfathers got waisted drunk.

Dubz...I have no idea who Michael mcdonald is but I've put my research staff on it tuit sweet.
do you think that andy will just start show up? or like walk up behind me? I can't wait
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