Sunday, September 17, 2006

Exciting news flash! It seems scientists have discovered what the purpose of art is!
to enhance, transcend, or indeed even to distort reality. … not only capture the essence of something but also to amplify it’. More pithily: ‘all art is caricature’.[8] And the mechanism which explains the biological function of art is peak shift. In this way, Ramachandran explains a profound and pervasive part of human life in terms of a simple physiological mechanism, which can be demonstrated in the laboratory with a rat, square, a rectangle and some cheese. Read all about it..
ABCN is going to be off the ether for a little bit. Getting the whatchmacallit, apparatus up and running at the refinery after a long summer haitus is proving to be a bigger problem then expected and will take whatever small shreds of focus I can muster to become the provocater of your peak shifts. Meanwhile there's always something worth reading at Art and Letters Daily not to mention BoadweeBlogs insightful post about the insanity of The Pope.

Dubz, keiths post speaks to the brown.
oh dude. i'm there.
Corns, stop pretending this has to do with refinery work and not the child slave trade--okay?
Go get 'em, tiger. I believe in you.
My landlord just invited himself into my studio and was looking at a wall full of mono-prints and turned to me and said he would "welcome a test print or a leftover print".
I'm thinking I'd welcome a free months rent, maybe even a couple of weeks for a "leftover print" but theres no way he'd give that to me. I'm trying not to get pissed off and remember it's just paint on paper eisenman, it has no inherent value
Hi peedee, hi capt'n I hear the swells are big out there right now.
Well Corns, I think you ought to get a few months free for a print. OR maybe just tell the landlord to mind his own beeswax.
HOW ABOUT if he cuts off his penis and gives you a year's free rent you'll consider giving him a print.
I like the way you think Gaylord. How bout if he cuts off his penis, coats it in 24karat gold and attaches it to a thick rope chain so that Corny can have some new bling, gives her 4 months free rent, AND buys her lunch, for a print.
I will discuss your proposal with the landlord today. I'll say with cool certainty, "My people are insisting that you cut your penis off if this deal is to go through..."
Corns, if it will sweeten the deal I could loan you my slicer.
You could also say 'we have many lucrative deals on the (chopping) block at this time, I'll have to speak with my Board of Sharp Slicers."
Gaylord, you makes me laugh, the Grapenuts want to blow out of my mouth and spray across the computer screen in a geasture of fondness for you.
Thanks Peeds, but i'll stick with the oxyacetylene torch for the cutting.
yo yo what up???
Hi dubz. I know I've said this before but I got to come to the ZONE tomorrow for "business" (re: me getting dicked around by the man), I'll come visit you post reaming...
I want to see the show at Thorp by Matt Blackwell if yer interested Dubz and YOUR SHOW! Would you want to go back and check it out wid me?
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