Thursday, September 14, 2006

Does anyone else feel nostolgic for the days when people believed baby Suri was a cyclops? Thankfully there is a new rumor to keep us thinking; that Suri is wearing a wig in the Vanity Fair photo shoot. As a master of disguises specializing in wigs I'm inclined to agree with this hypothesis

Baby Suri, Is it Tomkats child? Have we ever seen Madonna's or Michael Jackson's children. Do they also wear wigs? Is Suri Jolie and Pitt's child? I can't keep them staright.
COrns! SO weird I just got the Vanity Fair of which you speak in my clutches and I thought the same thing. AND I was tempted to post about it. But now I will just enjoy your post.
That baby is not his.
it's obvious that suri is an elvis impersonator. it's a show biz life for that little nugget of weirdness.
But it is hers. She is probably still with her ex. The baby is also NOT James Vanderbeek's, judging from the small head.
Hey Dubz. What's going
I think it is Pacey's baby.
I know, I know Mr. Dubz, it's hard with all these celebrity babs in our face all the time. Yes we saw MJ's baby, it looked like Rosemarys Baby hanging over a railing in france (?) I've seem Madonnas kids on 8th street. I'm inclined to thing Suri IS a cyclops and the Fanity fair pics are retouched, BIG TIME.
hey what up peeds.
the word in the cubes is that suri is the freeze-dried ejaculatory essence of the one and only L. Ron Hubbard.
Dubz, I know your freaked out about the unitard going to the cleaners but as I wrote below
"let me explain. I've been wearing my shit filled unitard for 5298 days straight, the ass is so loaded with shit I can barely walk. I'm afraid it will hamper my spaz-dancing so i thought I'd start fresh..."

Not to bring the conversation back to the brown again, just wanted you to know...
Hey I heard that too!!! It's SO Rosemarys Baby!
With a wig
brown! hooray!
i guess a ton of shit would hamper certain movements.

ah... movements.
James Vanderbeek gives me the scabies in my eyeballs.
yeah, his head is unnaturally large. me no likey.
James Vanderbeek is hot.
Observer of the perv if you love him so much you should marry him.
hi corns, OTP, peeds, slothy, everyone. i don't think i'm gonna make it tonite. throat of dubz feels scratchy. plus i forgot my balloon pantz.
crumbz. feel betta, dubz... are your balloon pantz actually balloons? when you walk in them you must get static sparx.
Am I the only tard (not unitard) who still doesn't know who this baby cyclops Suri is?
Another question: what the hell's the matter with Tom Cruise?
Capt'n your asking some tough questions. Tom Cruise is a sociopathic scientoligist with a family history of cyclopism for starters
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