Friday, September 22, 2006


Is your penis transplant haunted?

gimme back my filmmichael
corny, i am missing your loving BAD!!!!!!!
Keith, sorry so out of touch, some fucken seagull made off with my cell phone in Malibu, I've yet to deal with it.
i want to be kenny loggins for halloween. i'm lookin for someone to be jim messina. any takers?
corny, i'm at the beach. i've disemboweled about 39,000 seagulls. i'll keep you posted...
Owwwwwwch! This story makes me think of your landlord, Corns. I am assuming you will send him the link...after you chop it off.
hey dubz, If Messina was a Mummy I'll go as him.

hey Pd, landlords penis is in trubs, BIG TIME. Hopefully he isn't sensitive about whatever replacement thingy he gets.

Boadwee, chances are the seagull your looking for can't fly since the nextel phones are bulky and weigh almost 100 pounds a piece.

We should pay our tribute to Loggins by celebrating his "Return to Pooh Corner" circa 1994. I will bring plenty of Pooh and you figure out which corner.
I'll be that donkey, Eyesore or whatever. His tail comes off for easy access
I once saw a seagull in San Francisco at a resturant gulf down four plates of steaks in 2 seconds then fly off.
hi mr dubz
that album = a load of steaming pooh.
when did the SF seagull event happen? after the lost lens cap? i don't remember. was it B.D. (before dubz)?
No not the lost lens cap episode. I don't want to go through that again. The hungry seagull event happened when I was 10 on a family trip. We all watched in horror as four huge t-bone steaks fit in his bill. It was amazing because I bet it swallowed them whole.
Corny, you are so high concept, I gotta give you props. The drawing with the photo with the link...pure genius.
thanks capt'n, But I think you're mistaking "high Concept" for low concept.
Mr. and Mrs. Dubz Can I just say that I really really enjoy having you both here at once. And the idea of a 10 year old Mr. Dubz is cute overload.
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