Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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Egg Wins!!!

The first bird that evolved into a modern chicken had to have been a chicken embryo first. The philosopher said people were mistaken to think the ‘parents’ of the first chicken egg had to be a genetically bona-fide chicken in order to lay a chicken egg. A genetic mutation inside the egg would have created a chicken before a chicken had laid the chicken egg.
News reports by Sue Roberts John Ruddy for Philosophy Now magazine

Re: "Can we all collaborate on a group decoupage to send to Condi? Sometimes one can affect change through gestures of kindness, sisters."

You are crazy. if there's one thing Condi hates it's Decoupage. She would seek us out, kill us using chunks of gluey paper, then send us to Guantanimo Bay.
Sorry that was meant to be posted
"Attn: Gaylord"
The Wendy White comments on PainterNYC are amazing, congrats dubz, you're queen of the Chelsea Forest
ha. yeah. they're not ripping me up too bad. i'm just glad the egg came first. really makes sense. but what is the mutation a mutation of? some other kind of bird? foggy?
I think a terradactyl or something. Recently we've had a fire alarm thats been making a high piched really loud chirping sound that's been going once every hour or so. Now foggy is making that exact horrible noise.
asshole bird
that happened to us once. our smoke alarm battery was low and started beeping. our dog flew into a psycho rage, cut himself, tore up the entire house and bled all over everything. the neighbors called the cops thinking someone had been murdered because there was blood streaming down the window panes. surely foggy's little squaks are not as bad as this.
Plus you know what else? I saw a special on TLC or discovery plus or whatever last night that told to me how there are many RAYS in the universe that hit and pass through our bodies, like gamma and beta, but there are other more exotic ones that movie super fast and hard, full of crazy energy like a (metaphor about young man making sweet jackhammer love to stunned virgin, or "BIRHEEN" as we say in the mütterland), and when these crazypants RAYS pass through a chromosome they change it, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, in the case of the chicken good for us, bad for them I'm pretty sure!
Plus you know what else? They're reviewing the evil movie Old Joy on NY 1 and I am in a rage. Who wants to watch a movie with a gross guy and his DISGUSTING BEARD HAIRS extolling the Joys of Nature sincerely? It's so gross! I. Am. So. FUCKING MAD!

P.S. that's what G. Bush's nickname for Condi's twattage is: Old Joy. Sometimes Ol' Crusty J. Depending on whether she used the Toilet Wand or not. She needs to carry new Purse Size Toilet Wands is what one White House staffer informed me confidentially.
seamonkee, I just laughed so hard I laid an egg.
god i know. seamonkee rules. i peed in my aeron office chair.
So Seamonquey, are you saying those super-fast/evil rays have passed thru Condi's Cunt? I mean brain?
what hasn't passed thru condi's cunt? i bet there's a whole self-sustaining ecosystem festering in there.
Did you know Condi's sister works for the NAACP? And they don't get along? could this all go back to sibling rivalry? Does bulldaggerness have to go back to unresolved issues with women?? DOES IT??
I SAW that movie Old Joy/Oy. I wanted to like it in some perverse Iron John kind of way, but, well that didn't really work out. In fact I haven't thought about it once since last week.
geez, sorry to bust your blog with my positive sister energy, Corns. I've been reading Starhawk, with her wiccan magik poems.
Thank you for that Seamonkee, I've read about these rays that pass through us, but it was described as micro matter, smaller then the smallest subatomic particals. The universe is full of them (it) and they move in giant waves, through the earth and through us. They're so small that when they pass through us it's like a flee traveling through a red wood forest. It's happening RIGHT NOW my friend.
make that a smarm of flees crossing the Gobi desert with the occational Yucca tree.

DUBZ! You are laying down the truth about Condi. This is a non sequitur but last night a friend told me "grow a cunt" is the new way of saying "get some balls"
"what hasn't passed through Condi's cunt?" hahahahahaha. Excellent, Dubz. Corn, you're a metaphorista of the highest order.
All the dark mater of the universe has passed through Condis Cunt® and depending on the direction of these tides, fish flavored micromatter could floating through anyone of us as we speak
yeah seamonkee, you have NO idea about the genius of DUBZ!.

Dubz, remember when you got bored at work and jizzed all over your cubical walls and sold it for millions of dollars. That was classic.
Sorry. I'm bringing my blog down and all of you with me. I better excuse myself.
i remember that. i jizzed a multimillion dollar piece of art and sold it to the rubells. apparently they love it. it will be on display during the schmasel fart fair. all the kids on painternyc are trying to jizz now.
The Rubells are daring. I hear the Jizz Cubical was placed in the center of the pool at the Albion Hotel in Myjammy. So HOT!
Remindes me of the time I leaked a whitish-yellow substance from a place on my body known as the abscess right onto some fine Arches120lb. Hot press paper and sold it to the Rubells for Tens of Thousands of dollars. I should have leaked on canvas, I'd be sitting in the cat-bird seat right now.
well, next time you should think ahead cornstar. what do people want? how can i please them? how can i push the limits of jizz? these are tough questions, but no one said great art was easy.

artworld secret: i heard the Jizz Cubicle will be installed inside a container RIGHT ON THE BEACH! fresh jizz martinis will be served by scantily-clad metrosexuals.
The Jizz Cubicle is the Spiral Jetty AND the mysterious black monolitht thing from 2001: A Space Odyssey for Generation Y.
Incidentally, I heard metrosexuals actually make the Jizz martinis fresh at your table.
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