Sunday, August 06, 2006

A word or two about The Cape or au Cod as Slothy puts it. It's where my brood has vacationed since I was a wee moppet. The Mrs. and I joined the rest of my clan there this weekend. The Cape is about 10,000 times more crowded then it used to be but still it is for me a deeply cool place to be. When asked recently what I would chose for my last meal, I said a Lobster at sunset on the Cape. Lastly, I like Pilgrims and the Cape is haunted by many of them. Shown here is a Pilgrim who must not of had enough cloth for all her pilgrim garments but typical of the early American spirit, she's just dealing with it. Inspiring? You said it.

More Pilgrim related stuff

The extra extra bonus was hooking up with
Sloths, HFP, Dubz and Scott on Saturday night, Sloths will hopefully post some picks. Sloths and HFP were staying in an unbeelievably beautiful spanish villa style house perched on top of a hill in Truro, funky elegant and covered with art , very awsome.
wow, i am so jealous! super fun stuff to have all you lovelies togehter in the magix of the sea. I spent a winter season in ptown years ago. It's just so beautiful there. Driving the highway as you approach Ptown - love. lobster - love. The crowds, maybe not so much. I would like to hide out on the cape again. sigh.
Corny, I bet this lil' pilgrim makes wild peace with the injuns... I can tell by the angle of her powder horn.

Capeside pix to come; we'll be back in NYC tonight.
i am awaiting the pilgrim pix sloth. with baited breath.
Hi Mr. Injun, wanna fill up my peace pipe ?
mornin' corns. it was SO great to see you guys (along with my friend the monument, of course). tough to return to dirty crummy JC...
I know dubz, the city is harshing my mellow today too. At least we have thursday night to look forward to. Can't wait to see your work in the flesh.
Hi FB! Thats all just hi. lets set something on fire thursday night. I just got baited into a conversation on painterNYC, I'm ashamed.
UGGHHHHH! Me dying of jealousy. Dying. I miss you guys so much. I am hog-tied. We are coming back on the 23rd. Please play with me then!!!!!
The Capt'n will be here the night of the 23rd if you guys want to come over for drinks and BBQ, a little meat and greet....?
corns, i hope i won't disappoint, but i just have one itty bitty painting in the group show. but i can't wait to see you guys! let's do karaoke afterward, maybe. meat and greet on the 23rd sounds SUPAH. i wanna meat that capt'n character real bad. also seeing mm would be stellar. ok, why am i not painting right now? i loser.
unless, like wedding toasts, i am too retarded to perform karaoke. i am a disappointment to myself on many levels.
oh Dubz. The wedding toast thing is long forgotten. Really, I have similar shame.

reading this might help?
Thursday? Wha? Just kidding Dubz. You know I'm there. In fact, I am already here, meaning there.

Hi Corns! I have a special treat for the Capt'n. I am looking forward to bestowing it upon her...the treat, I mean.

I lika this pilgrim.
We be there on the 23rd. Looking very much forward. Dubz if you ever want to know about shame spirals, I have many anecdotes to share.
mm, i want to hear of your shame. fully retarded dubz flaked on wedding toast due to illness of the mind. but, as corny has pointed out, i am not the center of the universe and therefore who gives a crap. or something. HI PEEDS
Dubz next time I see you I will recount many special shameful episodes of retardation. Many. From throughout life, starting very early up until today.

Meanwhile.....Corny, we finally went to the post office. And what did I find but something magical and wonderful and please check your email for your ecstatic thank you. Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADMINTON RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Dubzy. MM, I do not believe you, RE: Shame. Also, I have a wee package to send you, and I have been lazy to go to post office in this heat. I am terrible, but will send it asap.

So I ate zucchini for breakfast today--my mom made it and it tasted like candy--that good.
Hi Dubz. I didn't mean that link in a mean way. I have lost control of my "Sense of Humor" which is running around knocking garbage cans over and breaking windows.
Hey Dubz, I forgot to tell you that the Mrs and i made your mom's Zuchini bread when we were up in Maine. It was good, especially tosted with cream cheese on it.
Hey Peeds. Wuzzzzzup suga pup?
MM! You recieved the magic vest and matching Victorian globe lamp I sent you!
shit. i also bought the vest and lamp for mm but forgot to send it! mm, hopefully you got the check for one million dollars. i told fedex to deliver without signature. hope they did not fuck up. what is the badminton present? details.

corns, it was actually good to read that article and remind myself that i am not as important as momma dubz tells me i am. btw, i'll let her know that her zucc bread recipe is on travel. she will like this v. much.
Oh no, I got MM a vest with glow-in-the dark globes on 'em. What is going on? Should I get her a golden stuffed crescent moon pillow instead?
yes, with matching star pasties. for what the vest won't cover. this is important for going to church.
I am swimming in vests. My favorite kind of vests are the ones with ginger ale stains on them. Pasties are a great idea, I am thinking live slugs fashioned into star-shapes? Would they survive that?

I will be making the zucchini bread soon. When I finally let them grow past baby size and have more than I know what to do with. So far I have been picking them all when they are tiny and we eat them every single day.

Note: I am using the lamp as an ass tampon.
I got MM a giant pork chop to wear when she dances. If you must know.

The star pastie/vest combo is great for
pubic speaking
royal coronations
black tie dinner parties
lunches at the club
board meetings
job interviews
pubic speaking
other stuff.
An ass tampon! I am SCANDALIZED! I shall need at least one week in bed before I shall be whole again.
Ok, I'm ok... sorry it's just so suprising MM cause I thought everyone uses their bedding as an ass tampon like I do, it drags around after me like a bride's train.
Is it brown Corny? A brown bridal train?
Thanx for the pork chop, the flies are buzzing all around and there is a hawk nearby but I am not concerned. I am pink, rotting and beautiful in my pork chop pants suit.
Whew! Just got back from an unintended overnight in Smell A. The Mrs. and I drove up for a party and her car pooped out there. Luckily on the street and not the freeway (!) Sent her home on the train last night 'cause she had stuff to do, and broke car & I spent the night in Silverlake at my pal Rage's house. Just a beat alternator, no big deal. Relief.
In the door: kiss the lady, pet the cat, water the self, check the blogs, prepare to turn right around and go out to Tourmaline for some hopefully mad rides at evening glass.
This concludes today's overshare, except to say that I'm so excited to see you all (soon) that I can hardly stand it.
Thanks for the update capt'n, my evening glass has wine in it. happy surfing!
hey corny! i made the zucc bread last nite. about to go toast some up now. how you doin?
So far this morning I got bit by Foghorn the bird and had a shot in the ass from Dr.Chen, dermatoligist to the d list stars (it felt teriffic!). The doorman in her building always cracks the same joke "waddaya going to see her for, you look fine to me"
Shalom Cornball, I'll be your theme for the day.
Corny, do you think Dr. Chen would give me a shot of Botox® in the ass? I'm getting frown lines.
I mean laugh lines.
tough to tell sometimes, slothy. depends on who's looking at it and from which way. looking forward to them pics, btw.
We actors don't get a lot of spa chemicals till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our spa chemicals regardless. spa chemicals
Corny, I do believe 'tis your turn to fetch the bloody sheep out of the ha ha.
Bollacks not again! last time I fetched the bloody sheep out of the ha ha I made a right balls up of the situ.
What do elephants use as tampons?
We actors don't get a lot of swimming pool chemicals till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our swimming pool chemicals regardless. swimming pool chemicals
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