Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Willkommen meine liebe. Our comely milkmaid Ms. Andry is back on the scene! DIY concentration Camp triangle tit printing took place on a easy breezy summer evening in Berlin at the exciting release of the asocial magazine otherwise known as RIDYKEULOUS, now a huge hit in the world's new art capitol. Thanks to the risk takers at Pro-QM the best book store in the universe and AK Burns for being me. No arrests were made...

WOW, wow.
Yes, wow. You are a keen observer of the perv. Please note Mrs.Andrys homemade woman power symbol tatoo she got when she was a wee little high school tyke.
Corny, thank you for your cub reporting from the front lines of art. tit printing = genius... my cup runneth over. Ridykeulous longa, vita brevis!
For nearly 150 years, journalists like myself have risked their lives to chronicle the human condition, to give art a conscience and a context for those whose loved ones have been drawn into battle.
whoa! those two chinese lanterns are HUGE. where can we see the prints?
Yes, they are some of the biggest lanterns around. they really light up The Mounds. I think the prints worked as a sort of book signing stamp but I'll get more deets from the boss lady.
Mrs.Andry and Amy Sillman have an on going argument about whos lanterns are bigger. If you bring it up while they're both in the room they will imediatly pull up their shirts and drag you into the conflict.
I've got 20watt nightlights next to these
Mrs. Andry, You light up my life! You give me hope, to carry on.
Mrs. Andry wins--tits down. I just know it.
Yeah I kinda feel like Ms. Andry would win any lantern contest. Jeezus.
i feel somehow deflated by this argument... god i wish i had huge tatas. i'd put up in all your faces.
I wish you did too. We must re-inflate you.
Yeah, me too, I have to settle for stuffing garbage in my bra to get this effect.
although i have no problem instigating a fun discussion about tits- particularly mine!-i'd appreciate some commentary on the trancendant usage of the Black Triangle-the demarcation for asocials, i.e. lezbians, mentally retarded, homeless, alcoholics, the habitually "work shy", prostitutes, and others (i fall immeditely into 2 of these categories)- being brought back into the fray, esp. since yesterday many of us were categorized as Nazis by that nutty overworked Donald Rumsfeld...and i had just emigrated back into the country for some unknown reason! Well, back to my timeshare condo at Sachsenhausen... - XO Ms. Andry
what black triangles? all i see are melons.
Mrs. Andry is there a sauna at Sachsenhausen?
Mrs. Andry, thank you for Taking Back the Night, turning it into Art, then pasting it onto your Nipples, which then turn into Art also, then turning ME into Art when I pass out from Stendhal Syndrome and dream that you guide the Lanterns of Art gently between my lips, producing an Art Tingle in My Area.
Where can I buy these artstamps?
Yowza, Seamonkee. My area is all a tingle from your post.
Mrs. Andry, you're not lezbian, are you?
even if i stuffed freshkills in my bra i'd never get this effect. so i've taken to spraying on shadows - gives the illusion of giant healthy mammaries (kind of like that spray paint for bald guys). i can also spray on a good sized hairy bush. if you tilt the can you get a brazilian.
I like it dubz, I'd use the spray shadow to create the illusion of magnificent boobies all over my body, limiting them to your chest is so cliche.
I'd spray a bush that resembles hot pants... just see if you can resist me then!
guide the Lanterns of Art gently between my lips,
-thanks seamonkee
I like a good old-fashioned clown face sprayed onto my bush...
Can someone please guide a couple lanterns between my lips?
i've got a couple of tea lights...you're welcome to them though.
sometimes i spray on inverted clown labia - great for kid's birthday parties.
did i make those triangles? great work!
I will start with tea lights, move on to mini-maglites, then lanterns and finish with the lights of the empire state building.
bigger is better. everyone knows that.
OOTP, I'd like to observe you observing certain prophets of love with the forked clitoris as the shimming lanterns slam prophets head, back and forth.

forked clits are the new inverted labia - if you weren't born with it, you have to pay for sharpie to draw it on you.
Bigger is undoubtedly better also Man with one thousand
pork swords is better then one.
One thousand is crowded.
Shut your eye hole Pud! We're all one big happy family!
i just need one for each side.
the blogosfear never ceases to amaze me, it's depths, it's ooze, the pounds of sweat we extoll to have satisfying conversation
The pounds of ta-tas too.
Thank you for the business here, I am so exciting.
You are exciting Frogs. C'mear so I can lick you.
way to pervy to observe I want you to watch me lick frogs, I'll split my tongue into a thousand parts so I can lick you all over too.

Mrs. Andry!!! goddess bless you. I'm listening to the CD you gave me, it's FREAKING ME OUT WITH IT"S GENIUS.
I think I need to get up and stretch, I'm feeling stiff...
Mrs Andre got me this amazing mix cd in Berlin, (3 CD's of girl bands mixed by Chicks on Speed) Hot Topic just came on with the mention of LAURIE WEEKS!
god that makes me happy.
Hot pockets--Yum.
Hot pockets--Yum.
I love that song....and I also deeply love the monkee from the sea. Anyone can lick me but I hope the SM will get a good idea from yous guys and visit me with strangeness from the mouth. Right? Anyway, there is a ring of slime around me from witnessing so much bare breast talk and picture. Eternal thanks.
i also made a puddle. sorry.
I used to work ın a mellon factory. I was the ınspector.
Whew! I ain't had my coffee yet but may I suggest a Toast to Love, as inspired by all the creatures and Beings prancing happily about in this shimmering thread?
Thanks seamonkee, I'll raise a cup of Oxi and Jack to stuff that shimmers.
Here, here! Salute! Saoogi and down the hatch! Coffee for everyone.
what would anne frank say?

corny, i don't know if i have your current email, and i recently changed mine... here it is so you can get in touch with me when you're in LA: sharpeworld[at]gmail.com
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