Thursday, August 10, 2006

This just in from the Blood Arm

Apparently, BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe took his new copy of 'Suspicious Character' and put it in the microwave on high for about forty-five minutes. Upon removing the dripping vinyl, the popular radio host said, "this is the Hottest Record in the World."
-Ben Lee

Click here for proof!
Listen here

"Do I have your attention" is a great blood arm song!

Listening live to BBC Radio 1 is a fine way to start the day...
woah, giant terrorist plot busted open in London. 9 planes going from London to NY to be blown up with liquid nitroglycerin.
Scary.The plot, not the song.

I love all the girls and all the girls love me...yeah.
I want to karaoke this song.
Definitely. It was written for you.
I am practicing "reunited" for tonight. I think I'll be Herb and FB wil be Peaches.
reunited and it feeeeeels so good...
i'm practicing a secret song by a top-secret artist. hint: it was never popular. another hint: it will be BAD.
Help or hurt: that I dont know the tunes of any songs and also that I am tone def?

I think I'll just recite some Sylvia Plath poems while Endless Love plays quietly in the background.
I'm going to need some SERIOUS lubricants to partake. I should really start now with a little morning shnapps.
yum. try the peach schnapps on your grape nutz for a morning pick-me-up. I can't carry a tune either, corns. We could do some kind of primal scream duet, maybe.
yeah, me too. i needs to lubricate before taking the stage to offend everyone.
I can't carry a tune either...but I'll have fun trying. I had two martinis this a.m.
i had an old fashioned and some peanuts.
Very cute, Corny! Good songs, good photo, good times.
Hope you hit it hard tonight on the cruel & unforgiving karaoke stage. Just kidding...I feel certain that the scene will be very similar to the one pictured here on your post. The crowd will go wild and attempt to rip your clothes off.
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