Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Notice anything different about Mrs.Cub? She's a little more starey-out-the-windowy then usual... thats right my friends, for those who don't know, the Mrs. is preggos. My lil' lady-in-waiting is in the beginning of her second trimester, that means junior is bigger then a pickel, smaller then a coffee can. The due date is February 2nd, Groundhogs day which will make birthday party themes a no brainer. My birthday is March 29th so I grew up having Easter theme birthday parties. You're thinking, but aren't you Jewish Corny? Well yes, I am and it was a blow when I eventually found out that Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the reserection of the supposed son of god and not a day we stop to look for colored eggs and think about the joys of fluffy bunnies. Passover also falls close to my Birthday but unlike Easter, we don't have a cute mascot for Passover and the local party store didn't sell Passover theme birthday party table settings for children. A matzoh man who hides colored matzoh balls all over the yard for the kids (wearing these fun 10 plague masks) to find would have been swell. But I digress.

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Have you brainstormed names?

Boy: Lucas Cranach
or Buzz Aldrin

Girl: Natalie Portman

Alternative: Lump Picasso II
or Whitney Guggenheim
The obvious choice is "Phil," hello & end of story. Or "Punksy"
Deepest congrats to you and the Mrs., Corny!
Corny. Godamnit you are a funny one. I am very excited for you both, i am excited for your large pickle to grow to the size of a watermelon. Please allow me to attend the birth wherein I will wear the lice mask and throw matzoh at your sexy gentile wife. Good idea?
I was thinking Dolphin or Excalibur- Wilcox for a girl
As for names I vote for:

Condoleeza Eisenman-Robinson


Jewy (no last name neccessary).
Sorry if that was offensive.

I like Dolphin.
Yes! we definitely want the birth of little Phil Cranach Dolphin Hat to be witnessed by all our friends. We asked the midwife if it would be ok to have our peeps there and she said as long as everyone is helping in some way, MM, I'm glad you are self motivated and have found yourself a task. Everyone reading this is invited.
Oh no, Jewy is fine but only if it's born with an obvious defect
I hear you. Like horns or something. Well, Yahweh willing, your little one will be so blessed.

Is it ok to joke about the unborn?
Oh God why am I so awful. Sorry. As you were!!! VERY EXCITED!!! Hugs to the Mrs. Cub.
It's ok because he doesn't have ears yet to hear us, and even if he did it would just sound like
Book sploork blooc bink woog shlomp blap
Well, too bad for the Mrs. because Charlotte Rampling is not into pregnant women, so she won't be stopping by for some fun. BUT, congrats, yo! It will be one super cute babe, I am sure.
I will be there with the "boils" mask wiping MM's brow.
Well, too bad for the Mrs. because Charlotte Rampling is not into pregnant women, so she won't be stopping by for some fun. BUT, congrats, yo! It will be one super cute babe, I am sure.
I will be there with the "boils" mask wiping MM's brow.
would the horns make labor more pleasurable? What if he's ribbed?
sorry, blogger is giving me troubs today.

by the way, this is a beautiful pic of the mrs. did annie liebowitz take it?
I want Fran Liebowitz to take my portrait.
I liek the soft light of the photo also. It looks like her ears have gone missing too so perhaps the "starey out the windowy" is due to mesmerization from shlomp blap sounds. Already I am sleepy just typing it.
Hey Charlotte Rampling IS TOTALLY into pregnent woman and has actually volenteered to deep kiss the Mrs as she labors which will keep her relaxed and make this whole thing a sinch or a cinch.

I'll take your portrait PD. You must stand for it however, I'll have no sitting portraits. Only awkward standing.
Charlotte Rampling can wear the boils mask as she tongue-kisses the Mrs.
That is...if I let Charlotte out of the dungeon in my basement. She is on a hunger strike right now and can hardly deep-kiss me at this point.
ya'll R sick. SICK SICK SICK
p.s. who will give corny her couvade?
i'm doing cat-lick exercises to prepare. it's messy. i hope mrs. cub will be sufficiently distracted by the birthing process and will not notice our chivalry; as it should be. corny will need her privacy. perhaps we should set up an office cube? i vote for gray. or dusty mauve.
corny, what color of temporary wall would you like to gaze at while we congratulate you?
I can't wait for the couvade session. We will say "you did good" over and over as we congratulate you.
congratulations on your little pickle baby. eeeeeeee!
my baby brother's birthday is feb 2!
OMG. Thanks guys Can' wait for the couvade to end couvads! It's gonna be off the hook, in fact it'll smash the hook into tiny dust particals.

gray if it's a boy
dusty mauve if its a girl

I really want an office cube set up in the birthing center to deliver the blow by blow to my blogger friends (though I'm picturing us all crammed in to the cubical)

That encludes you Sharpe! By the by we're comng to LA in in 8 days...
fb, is your brother nice or psycho? I 've heard Aquarius is a tough sign, very obtruse and maybe introverted?
my bro is super awesome nice and smart smart smart. I love aquarius. all good. like the song.
sorry, the browser added the 'paranoia' part - not paranoid currently.
Hi FB! How's it by you?

Corns, you must at least set up a live-feed from the birthing center.
hooray! a live feed of little beauregard mcshizzle gettin' born would be so great. xoxo to corny + mrs. cub!
congrats to you and the Mrs.!
Beauregard Phil Cranach Dolphin Hat Jewy Mcshizzle.

It's decided.

Hi tom! xo
I'm working on the Mrs. to open the birth up to the public, maybe even do it at the gallery. is that crazy?
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