Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lets review:

•More Disgusting blog posts for the fall
•Dutchess County Fair day trip this weekend
•Miami for MM's show in October
•Play four square with Uncle Fritz
•Be more disgusting in general
•Open up a medical clinic with Dr.Foghorn who is an expert at removing cysts with his razor sharp beak.

we're feeling a bit ouchy this morning.
CORNY! Sorry, I will try not to shout. What do I owe you for the cyst removal? I left it there for you to biopsy. Is that too much to ask? If so, I will send a messenger on rollerskates to pick it up.


And how can I get more offensive on the blogs? May not be possible, but I'm right behind you.
Hi guys. You all are amazing and the most fun people in the world and beyond. Thank you for coming over and letting me ply you with drinks. Slothy I'm sorry you missed the humongo line of coke that was upstairs, fat as my thigh (yes THAT BIG!)
and long as something really long.
peeds, I found your cyst this morning. It was sitting on the counter in front of Foggys front door.
You can post a picture of clown labia (was that a topic of discussion last night, I fear it was...)
Also, the more disgusting blog posts was MMs idea.
Yes, that idea reeks of MM's beautiful mind.

Clown labia is the oldest party
more disgusting posts is a fantasmatic idea. and going to mm's show - yes. i'll let foghorn try experimental discetomy, once he's done some cyst removals for practice. i have $17 to pay him. the gaylord center has my paperwork.

corny and everyone: DUBZ LUVS U
foghorn and circumcisions
I loves you back x100. And I love Foghorn for finding my cyst! I will send all my cystic friends to him.
That fibertastic Peeds, we both appreciate the business you send his way
This post is inspired by the good Dr.Weeks who left me a hilarious message about waking up every morning with an anvil sleeping on her head. At night the anvils dance and party but as consciousness begins to arouse itself towards the morning, the anvils get sleepy and by the time you wake up, the anval is nestled up on your forehead.
maybe foggy can remove the anvil... and replace it with inverted clown labia.
You just had to invert the clown labia, therefore taking us further into the gutter, Dubz.
inverted clown labia, is that like Rainbow Canyon in Utah?
Dubz you need an Inverted Clown Labia National Park, Utah sticker for your camper van
Squirting clown labia... like the boutonniere trick. Or clown-car labia?
Squirting clown labia is a hot topic these days. Some non-clowns are saying it isn't possible.
The boutonniere trick! I fall for it everytime but still I love it. By the way, Sorry I burnt your toe off Sloths. You said it was purely decorative so maybe it doesn't matter. I can't think or do anything today. Just giving in to my slackerness.
i haven't done anything except publish a great photo of all of us on my blog. took me most of the morning.
I just donated blood at work. some car accident victim somewhere is gonna get an extra tequila *kick*... wheee!
i feel like a car accident victim. head hurtz a little. when's nap time?
dubzy, isn't there a nice pile of paintings you can lie down on over there?
Hi Corny!Thanks for the corn meal!Hi ether friends! it was so nice to meet you all. Perhaps you need to check into the Gaylord Center's Reiki and aromatherapy wing for hangover support. We can send out a biodiesel ambulette out for each and every one of you.
They're softer if you shred them first. I'm useless today. I just got an anouncment for Deitch Projects Art Parade down West Bway. I cun't believe i'm going to be out of town for the biggest dork event of the season. Everyone who was on Deitch's reality show was forced to build a float.
Thanks Gaylord. Are you sure you have Biodiesel left to run on and we didn't drink it all last night?
oh, i'll have to check to be sure i didn't do too many wesson corn oil shots, rendering us unmobile.
just caught some ZZZs on a very soft early tuymans. it's dented a little, but i can fix it with some toothpaste and a curling iron. it'll be auctioned off at christie's next month for one zillion dollars, give or take a zillion.
Gaylord, I initially read "biodiesel" as "bloodies," as in, Mary. As in, hair o' th' pooch... but I guess that prombly wouldn't be a good idea, no.
Dubz, was it this Tuymans?
yep slothers, that's the one!
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