Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Inspired by Sterling Ruby, I've nailed these two art works together and proped them up in my garden! I call it, The Daydreams of Dead Lady's Hair.

ode to MM's pond.
This title works:

The Bankrupt Yet Tasteful Dreams of the Lady in the Puddle

The Pork Butcher's Wife Succumbs as the Chelsea Forest Comes Crashing Down.

It's allegorical.

Lady of the Haha Stewing in the Mind Bog
Oh! I like them all... especially that last one.

Floater in the Viaduct

A Precog Dreams of Calgon
The Muck Lady Plunge

Tempted by Froggy Passages

Kooter Fulla Pond Scum
lol Dubzy, you took it south at the speed of light. snortz.
yes, i have problems. me sick-o.
if this is sickness, dubz, I ain't never going to the doctor...

Super Grouper Ass Tampon
sorry 'bout that, Ophelia...
Ophelia Mossy Tuna Cave
No more calls please, we have a winner.
Flood in Salmon Canyon
Thank you Dubz, for once again, taking us there.
Slothy, Floater in the Viaduct isn't funny, it is ACTUALLY the title of this painting.
salmon canyon! HICCUP!!! love it.
Bush-moss Meditation
Her Mounds, She Drowns

Corns! Good morns.
Mrs. Green-Pubes Floats
She's just taking a few minutes for herself, all her channels are open to recieving the gift of toxic microlife in the stagnant waters of her so called Existance
Something about this reminds me of when my "grassy knoll" threatened to bury me up on MM's lawn.
Green Pubes or toxic microlife, you be the judge.
Ok I just need to interupt this "flow" for a Foghorn update. last night he PUSHED his little play house off the top of his cage. It's hard to explain the set up but it would be like you or me pushing a house off a cliff. And then he stood there all proud like. I think he's going through adolescence.
so true, the Grassy Knowl the Mossy Tuna Cave share similar traits. People get hurt in places like these.
I sorta remember the set up. What you been feeding foghorn? Jeez. Shall I bring him a BJK shirt?
under his feathery coat are guns like BJK's, I think a wife beater would be appropraite for him. Or a staight jacket.
corns, i'm lonely
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