Saturday, August 26, 2006

How amazing to go to the NYT's homepage last night and find this Picasso painting on the frontpage. Picasso's dog Lump is on the bottom of the painting. I'm partial to making drawings/paintings of my pets Cy and Foghorn but somehow I'm doubting there will ever be a coffee table book like “Picasso and Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey” (Bulfinch Press) of my life with Cy and Foghorn.

Corny, Mrs. Cub, Cy and Foghorn: Life at The Mounds (Corncub Press)
Corny and friends: A Survivors Tale
Dubz, anyone, I'm working on my class Class syllabus, any genius ideas for an advanced drawing class?
We're going to start the semester off working on wall drawings and at some point do a couple of weeks of collaborative Royal Art Lodge kind of work. That leaves 10 classes or so to fill.
Corncub Corner: Where Love Lives (The Unauthorized Biiography of Corny & Company)
how about drawings of clown labia?
no, for reals... i'll think about it...
sorry corns. i've been trying to think of cool drawing class ideas all day, but my brain is jell-o. maybe i'll wake up with a spectabulous idea tomorrow...
Don't worry, I'm just going to tie the clients to chairs and use them as paintball targets, it'll be a collaborative happening.
oh, excellent. i love fluxus.
Me too, maybe i'll recreate the stay in bed for two weeks piece with them. Maybe i'd lose my job but I could also get promoted to president of the college for a move so brilliant.
corny, I was going to say "face painting," but your paintball idea is tops. Make sure they gesso themselves first.
Maybe an Andrea Frasier piece; the one where she's putting on makeup while getting reamed? That's kind of draw-y...
How 'bout some re-flux drawings? Maybe with stomach acid and multi-colored Tums. I know it may be too radical...
and bile!
Possible Dumb Drawing Idea fer Reals: drawing restraint, à la Matthew Barney, or like those Hans Richter paintings w/eyes closed. Have students create their own drawing restraint apparatus or technique, which could itself be considered as part o' the art.
Ooo, sloths you're spot on with that idea. Love it. I'm totally going to do it.
peeds, re-fluxist art is a movement whos time has come. Once again, does genius have no off switch?
and bile, lots of bile.
I have used snot in a drawing.
It was of a guy standing there looking at a lump of snot saying "thats snot nice" or something. it was funny at the time.

I guess you had to be there.
snot painting... restorer's nightmare or wet dream?

Corny, don't forget to touch on the important and brilliant drawings of Kurt Hinterbichler in your class.
sorry, linky no worky. Here's the url:
wow, those are amazing. what can one say about this bold and daring new work by 21st century artist Kurt. J. Hinterbichler? at first glance, we see a bunch of horse shit... yet, upon closer examination: cat shit; abstracted.
I used to think of myself as an artist before I saw Opprobrium: A Study in Paradoxical Magnanimity.
Geez sloth where do you come up with this stuff. It's like here I am, just innocently going along, living my life then BLAM-O, Kurt. J. Hinterbichler.
yeah. me too. i'm reworking my entire show.
I know. I know. I'm kind of reeling from it myself.... the implications are staggering.
what is drawing?
what is life?
I think th re-fluxis movement will allow for the market to shift to an older generation of artists, thank god. Ones who have lived a hard life and had way too much coffee and cigarettes. Yay! I see a wall full of little purple pills.
Our motto "re-fluxists give back"
"We're up-and-coming!"
"We'll repeat it if we have to."
I hope this movement lasts and that it doesn't go plop plop, fizz fizz.
Hinterbichler's joyous challenge to my sense of ontological stability was too great, making my head literally explode. Most people are hardly ever even ALIVE when a visionary genius such as hinterbichler comes along, so I have the lucky feelings, which cause me an optimistic discomfort.
Seamonkee! I am glad you're alive, for so many reasons. Hinterbichler's got nothin on you.
Say, PD, I see that same wall of blue pills! What the---?! Ruh-roh . . . Wait! Oh my god. No! No! Walls. Closing. In. Pills. Getting. Gigantic. Head. Getting--Wait. Where is Head? Is Head EXPLODED?! Damn you, Hiiinterbiiichler!!!!
re-flux is the new ass thunder. propelled by gas and bile; just try to stop it!
There it is, the first line of our manifesto!
will someone please take a hit out on me.
NO. Absolutely not.
Oh peeds. damn your so called ethics or morality or whatever, please, don't make me beg. I'll leave you my CD collection. Hey l liked seeingyour painting on heart as Arena and yeah, LA!
Morality? I know not what you speak of, Corns. I am only thinking selfishly. I would miss you way too much. However, my uncle Luigi needs a few I'll give 'im a call.
Oh thanks for the comment about the ptg. I got a bog one going now that is so horrendous.
corny what's going on? what happened at the shack?
a bog one? with frogs, pd?
I am so bad. BIG, dagnamit!
I like the bog ones, like Reginald Marsh.
I got a lot of good stuff to tell you about. I am in the toilet. Just put your ear up to the bowl and you will hear my magic stir your insides.
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